Next-generation trailer wing introduced by Rocketail

Updated May 16, 2019

Rocketail LLC, makers of advanced, aerodynamic tail systems for semi-trailers, Monday announced the launch of its Rocketail Wing, a next-generation rear drag reduction technology for trailers.

The Rocketail system is a verified EPA SmartWay trailer rear fairing technology for heavy-duty truck trailers that has exhibited a certified fuel efficiency improvement of over 3.58 U.S. gallons per 1,000 miles. 

Featuring a breakthrough jet wing design, Rocketail says the one-piece airfoil was certified by MVT Solutions to provide a fuel economy improvement of 3.36 percent and by PIT Group to improve fuel efficiency by 3.30 percent in testing.

Constructed of lightweight high-impact, gas-infused polymers that are internally cross-braced, the wing-shaped airfoil has a compact footprint with no additional external or internal moving parts. It extends only 14 in. from the rear of the trailer compared to as much as 4 ft. for other rear drag solutions on the market. Additionally, the Rocketail Wing is always deployed using unique swing-hinges that lock the wings in their maximum aerodynamic open position each time the doors are closed. The company says the system shifts the wings flush with the sides of the trailer each time the doors are opened, allowing the doors to swing a full 270 degrees without being blocked.

Each Rocketail Wing attaches without guy-wires or struts with just two industrial-grade, stainless steel hinges. Installation, requiring only drill bits and tightening tools, takes two people about one hour to complete, the company says. Each wing weighs less than 25 lb. and requires minimal to no annual maintenance.

“Rocketail solves the ‘Three D’s’ essential to performance for any aerodynamic tail system; Drag, Deployment and Damage,” says Michael Militello, Rocketail CEO. “Rocketail is maximally effective because its multi-element airfoil design has unique patented features that smooth and redirect rearward airflow behind a trailer while producing forward lift, similar to a wing on a jet aircraft.

“Additionally, placing the device one inch away from the trailer wall avoids having the boundary air layer interact with higher volume, more uniform airflow. These two design features enable Rocketail to have a profile that’s 50 percent to 80 percent smaller than competitive designs.”

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