Freedman Seating introduces advanced climate control in new seat

Updated May 14, 2019

Freedman Seating introduces ClimaControl, a new seating system featuring Tempronics advanced personalized climate seating technology for last mile delivery, commercial walk-in delivery trucks.

Freedman Seating says its new system has been specifically designed for open cabs with active operators where traditional HVAC systems are ineffective. Freedman says the Tempronics climate seating solution has been shown to reduce HVAC energy load in hybrid and electical commercial vehicles resulting in extended range.

“The system has been optimized to deliver a ‘time-to-cold’ sensation in three to four minutes, four times times faster and more intense than conventional climate seating systems used in passenger automobiles,” says Don Dutton, president, Tempronics. “Performance testing has demonstrated reduced user discomfort in extreme hot and cold environments enabling improved safety and performance.”

Powered by Tempronics patented Climate Ribbon, a distributed thermoelectric technology, Freeman adds the climate system delivers fast, efficient and effective conductive cooling/heating directly to the occupant providing significant thermal relief. Complementing the Tempronics Climate Ribbon with ventilation provides complementary evaporative cooling keeping the user dry, increasing comfort, the company says.

“We are extremely excited to be the first to market with the Tempronics Climate Ribbon Technology in the walk-in delivery truck market,” adds Dan Cohen, president, Freedman Seating. “It is a significant step forward in improving safety, performance and comfort for vehicle operators at a time when attracting and retaining service professionals is extremely tough.”

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