How consistent is your sales approach?

Every business aspires to have a strong sales team, but it takes evolution and adaptability to sales processes to make that dream a reality, says Jim Pancero, professional sales consultant.

Presenting for the second straight year Monday in Santa Rosa, Calif. at CVSN’s Aftermarket Distribution Summit, Pancero stressed suppliers and distributors accept changing sales strategies in their businesses.

For decades, salespeople throughout business have operated as “lone gunfighters,” Pancero says. Each salesperson had their own strategy, personality and closing techniques and provided an individual approach to servicing customers.

While that strategy might still sell product, it’s not the best way to sell in today’s economy, says Pancero. To be honest, he says it never was.

“Lone gunfighters had their own way of selling to each customer,” he says. “There was no consistency.”

Pancero says that needs to change.

“Consistency is your brand,” he says. “When a customer deals with your business, they should receive the same level of service and product every time.”

The best way to do that in today’s market is to teach consistency and universal best practices that can be used by your entire sales force.

Pancero says your veteran salespeople didn’t become gunfighters because they wanted to be, they simply lacked the training to succeed any other way.

By training your salespeople to provide a unified front, you can build customer recognition in your brand and your response. In an industry like the aftermarket where everyone’s selling the same product, Pancero says that consistency is what makes your business stand out.

“Customers want to know what to expect when they do business with you,” he says.

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