Some tips for pulling in new service business

Next month’s issue of Truck Parts & Service features an article on how offering value-added services (i.e. data tracking and analytics) with preventive maintenance work can provide service facilities a selling point in today’s marketplace.

There is evidence in today’s market that fleets are willing to outsource maintenance to reduce costs. But consensus on what specific service operations they are most likely to outsource is mixed.

Some fleets would prefer to outsource engine and major service repairs and keep their bays open for quick PMs. Others have no problem outsourcing PMs to the shops on the corner but want their down trucks in their own garage where they can be carefully monitored.

In my November story, I focused on the latter scenario.

If a fleet is willing to outsource its PM work, how can you win it?

One of my sources, Karmak, has recently published a presentation on this exact topic. Titled “5 Tips for Making Preventative Maintenance Work for Your Business,” the presentation looks at how your PM offering can help drive revenue in your business.

The presentation is available on Karmak’s website, and will be referenced in my upcoming article. For those of you interested in winning that business I mentioned above, I’d suggest checking it out.

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