GPA Training introduces free phone script app

GPA Training Thursday announced the launch of its free phone script app, which includes access to a free eLearning course on how dealers can impactfully answer the phone as well as alter a phone script into their own words.

GPA Training Ian Coburn says his business developed the app so his business can aid as many dealers in the market as possible.

Says Coburn, “We’re not moving fast enough nor impacting anywhere near enough dealerships. Can’t we build a free app, so we can impact every dealership, everywhere, right now?”

According to Coburn, the new app reiterates key aspects of GPA’s eLearning course. The course is viewable on all mobile devices and takes five to seven minutes to complete. Students may repeat the module as often as they wish, whenever they wish—alone, in groups, at team meetings, as part of coaching, etc.

GPA Training says the purpose of the app is to improve the conversion of more incoming calls into sales, both via its use and the dialogue it will create among the team. The app can’t do it alone; it will take some practice and elbow grease but not much to simply follow the script and sound fresh while doing so.

The app consists of the phone script GPA Training shares in its training as well as an explanation of its elements and why it is so effective at keeping us from being order takers. The company says the phone script has proven tremendously successful in every industry in which it’s been used, not just at truck dealerships. These industries include healthcare, data processing, software sales, office supplies, automobile, supplier parts and service, education, call centers, and for-profit colleges, among others.

The launch marks a milestone for GPA, as it advances the company’s values and mission – to empower its customers to optimally serve theirs by providing cutting edge soft skills content and tools, the company says. Values to do so include changing the narrative that dealers are behind in people development to dealers are ahead in people development, providing technological tools that will help dealers appeal to the tech savvy Millennial and iGen populations when hiring, and giving dealers and staff control over their own development and success, the company adds.

“Come the end of the day,” says Coburn, “OE’s, suppliers, regulations, and so forth dictate a lot of what dealers must do. By offering free apps, we enable dealers and their staff to control their development.”

In addition to the phone script app, GPA has launched two other apps, which will be announced in upcoming weeks. All 3 apps exist in the “GPA” app.

GPA hopes to keep these apps, as well as any new ones it develops, free, through sales of its book, The Customer is Never Right: Sell More Trucks, Cars, Buses, Parts . . . Anything in One Month.

“The more books we sell, the more apps we can offer. And of course, the book covers a robust set of skills, feeding yet another one of our values: that every service and tool we provide promotes staff development,” says Coburn.

Ideally, one day if sales are high enough, GPA says it would like to convert all its eLearning into an app version, something the company is already capable of doing from a technical aspect but not a financial one.

“Share the app with your teams and networks, and before you know it, the narrative will be that dealers are ahead of the curve in people development, which is imperative to the industry’s ability to compete for iGen and Millennial hires,” Coburn says.

The app is available at

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