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EZ Torque Winch
The EZ Torque Winch, with its patent-pending gear drive, requires one-third the amount of force required to tension a winch strap, according to the company. It uses a 6-inch handle instead of heavy 34-plus-inch winch bars, and is said to achieve 1500 lbs. of tension on a winch strap with a few turns of its handle.

The EZ Torque Winch is zinc plated for long life and trouble-free operation, says the company. It is available in slider models to fit standard C track or Double L track, and is covered by a one-year warranty.
Ancra International

Spring-loaded Mud Flap Hanger
Betts Spring Company’s new line of the shortest closed-end, spring-loaded hangers – the Bettsie – now is available to the heavy-duty aftermarket.

The Bettsie is available in both straight and angled-down options, and is said to deliver a measured three-to-one serviceable performance rating when compared to competitive products. A proprietary flange and integrated self-centering tombstone design reduce friction and wear, and also help prevent premature hanger replacement resulting from deflection “lock-up” conditions, according to the company.
Betts Spring Company

Flexible Mud Flap Hanger
Betts Spring Company introduces Flexie, which provides both straight and angled-down options for the Direct Flex System.

Flexie is designed for those applications where entanglement with trailer landing gear is a significant concern. The hanger was shortened to 26 inches, the shortest legal length, and it still incorporates Betts’ integrated conspicuity tape.
Betts Spring Company

Two-stage Air Cleaner
The two-stage PowerCore standard line of air cleaners feature a compact design and high filtration efficiency with double the filter media versus conventional pleated media used in traditional engine filtration solutions, says the company.

The air cleaner combines high-efficiency inertial separator tubes, which are coupled closely to the new media design for maximum performance.

The new filter also features a fluted media design and a new racetrack shape. This results in easier packaging in space-constrained areas and increased mounting flexibility, says the company.
Donaldson Company

Spring Brake
New from Haldex is the Life Seal spring brake. The brake’s zinc-plated steel chamber prevents water, salt, oil and other contaminants from entering the spring chamber and weakening the spring. Its housing has no vent holes, external breather tubes, cage tool plugs or filters, so the spring is isolated from the external environment, says the company.

The brake’s power spring is said to maintain high output force for an extended period over the minimum required output.

Electronic Dipstick Replacement Device
The IntelliStick is a compact dipstick replacement device that electronically monitors multiple conditions of engine oil and continuously scans for water, coolant and fuel intrusions, says the company.

Real-time oil condition data can be uploaded via a Bluetooth wireless device, such as a PDA, smart phone or laptop.
IntelliStick, Inc.

Articulated Pistons for Cat Applications
IPD offers a complete product line of the most popular articulated cast steel pistons for Caterpillar engine applications.

These patent-pending IPDSteel pistons are available for 3116, 3126, 3406E and C15 Caterpillar engine models, as cylinder kits as well as in-frame and out-of-frame overhaul kits.

Heavy Duty/Commercial Batteries
Odyssey batteries provide twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries, according to the company.

Featuring rugged construction and packed tightly with pure lead plates, the non-spillable AGM design of the battery protects against shock and vibration. Pure lead batteries mean more power – up to 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of charge, the company says.
Odyssey Batteries by EnerSys

Coil and Foam Mattresses
Paramount Bedding introduces two new bedding products – the Pocketed Coil Innerspring Mattress and the Memory Foam Mattress. Both are designed by sleep experts and made exclusively for the Class 8 trucking industry, says the company.

The innerspring mattress features individually-wrapped innersprings, high-quality foam for added pressure relief and a durable plush fabric covering.

The memory foam mattress is made of high-quality, 5-pound visco elastic foam, a base of polyurethane foam and has a zippered knit cover.

Both products are available in sizes to fit all Class 8 trucks.
Paramount Bedding

Lubricant, Hand Scrub and Gasket Remover
Permatex offers a variety of products to assist with many tasks in a heavy-duty repair shop.

B-Force Multi-Purpose Penetrant/Lubricant is said to unfreeze rusted and frozen assemblies, and features a non-toxic, bio-degradable formula.

Permatex Ultra Cherry Pumice Hand Scrub is said to remove the toughest grease, tars, oils, adhesives, epoxies, glues, rubber gasket and tile cements, while leaving no greasy residue. It features a cherry scent.

Gasket Remover is non-toxic and non-flammable. The bottle features a built-in brush top to help apply the remover to the gasket.
Permatex, Inc.

School Bus Alternators
Bosch School Bus Alternators supply 200 amps on-the-road output and 120 amps at idle, and are said to stand up under all operating conditions. The alternators are engineered with several features that help prevent heat damage and component wear.

The alternators are designed specifically for the high electrical loads of today’s school buses, and they are well suited for service replacement and upgrades to existing equipment, according to the company.

Exclusive technology helps these alternators deliver increased service life, prolonged battery life and improved fuel economy, the company says.
Robert Bosch LLC

Rebuild Kit for PreSet Hub Assemblies
SKF provides the all-in-one rebuild kit for PreSet hub assemblies. Each SKF rebuild kit contains everything needed for servicing PreSet hub assemblies, including two specific and tightly toleranced half-stand tapered bearing sets, an SKF Scotseal PlusXL wheel seal, an SKF TF Hubcap (when applicable) and a precision-machined PreSet bearing spacer.

By installing the SKF rebuild kit for PreSet, the hub assembly components receive an extended three-year warranty from SKF.

Free Rotational Ellipsoid Torque Rod Bushings
URO developed a family of free rotational ellipsoid straddle-mount and tapered torque rod bushings for a variety of applications.

The E Life Series is designed to provide high durability with increased service life, measuring three to five times that of other bushings, says the company.

This bushing series offers optimum performance with air-ride suspensions and severe service vocational suspensions, according to the company.
URO Bushings

Remanufacturing Network
The Weller Reman Network was developed to help parts managers face out-of-stock or obsolete parts issues, excessive lead times or unfamiliar drivetrain products, says the company.

The network has more than 8000 rebuilt transmissions and differentials that are ready to ship. The reman program includes one call, all-makes coverage, same-day service, obsolete and discontinued specialists, one-year warranty, a core policy, ASE-certified, manufacturer-trained technicians and technical support.
Weller Reman

Push-Pull Cables
Tired of waiting for your cables to arrive? Consider building your own push-pull cables for most applications. Wescon push-pull cable assemblies are available in either groove- or bulkhead-end configurations, and come in 30, 40, 60 and 80 series.

Verniers, Turn-to-Lock, Parking Brake and other styles also are available.
Wescon Products

Ancra International
2685 Circleport Drive
Erlanger, KY 41018
800/929-2627; Fax: 800/347-2627
HDAW Booth No. 1213

Betts Spring Company
2867 S. Maple Ave.
Fresno, CA 93725
800/227-2192; Fax: 559/498-8615
HDAW Booth No. 1027

Donaldson Company
P.O. Box 1299
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1299
800/374-1374; Fax: 952/887-3716
HDAW Booth No. 410

Haldex Brake Products Corp.
10707 N.W. Airworld Drive
Kansas City, MO 64153
800/643-2374; Fax: 816/880-9766
HDAW Booth No. 405

IntelliStick, Inc.
4340 Von Karman Ave., Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92660
949/812-5900; Fax: 949/812-5910
HDAW Booth No. 124

23231 S. Normandie Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
310/530-1900; Fax: 310/530-6162
HDAW Booth No. 314

Odyssey Batteries by EnerSys
2366 Bernville Road
Reading, PA 19065
610/208-1896; Fax: 610/372-8613
HDAW Booth No. 1126

Paramount Bedding
10360 S.W. Spokane Court
Tualatin, OR 97062
503/612-8442; Fax: 503/612-1752
HDAW Booth No. 937

Permatex Inc.
10 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT 06106
916/966-8906; Fax: 916/966-4214
HDAW Booth No. 431

Robert Bosch LLC
2800 S. 25th Ave.
Broadview, IL 60153
708/865-5585; Fax: 708/786-3544
HDAW Booth No. 413

890 North State St., Suite 200
Elgin, IL 60123
800/323-8024; Fax: 847/742-5064
HDAW Booth No. 505

URO Systems
15678 King Drive
Meadville, PA 16335
814/333-2985; Fax: 814/547-5698
HDAW Booth No. 833

VIPAR Heavy Duty
760 McArdle Drive, Suite D
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
815/788-1700; Fax: 815/788-1900
HDAW Booth No. 114

Weller Truck Parts Reman Center
1500 Gezon Pkwy. S.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49509-9585
616/724-2000; Fax: 616/724-3750
HDAW Booth No. 223

Wescon Products
2533 S. West St.
P.O. Box 7710
Wichita, KS 67277
800/835-0160; Fax: 316/942-5114
HDAW Booth No. 1427

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