Allison Widens Product Initiatives

Allison Transmission Inc. widens its ongoing product optimization initiative with new features for 2011.All Allison Automatic 2011 models are available with new Economy Shift Schedules for greater fuel economy.

For school buses, Allison 1000/2000 Pupil Transport/Shuttle Series models are available with Increased Torque Converter Lockup Availability. Lockup occurs when the torque converter achieves a direct connection between the engine and the transmission. Allison’s new Increased Lockup Availability enables the transmission to shift into lockup in 1st range, and stay locked-up through the higher range. Locking the converter earlier is said to build upon the already superior balance of fuel economy and vehicle performance.

Allison 2nd Reverse is now an available option for the Oil Field Series 4700 model. 2nd Reverse offers a second “deep reverse” in addition to the standard reverse. It is said to provide more maneuverability when operating in confined spaces and slow creep capability with high engine speeds.  

Variable Modulated Main (VMM) is now featured with all Allison 3000/4000 models. VMM modulates the pressure required in the internal lubrication system to increase transmission efficiency and improve fuel economy.  

And, Allison 3000/4000 models are now available with new Low Speed Grade Assist to provide improved performance and reduce heat generation when climbing grades.

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