New rust inhibitor product

Updated Aug 20, 2014

Berkebile Oil Company introduces its new Protection First Class (PFC) penetrating lubricant and rust inhibitor.

The product is the first of its kind for Berkebile and represents the company’s entry into a new category of environmentally responsible lubricants. In formulating PFC, the company chose to use 99 percent pure cosmetic-grade lanolin as one of the product’s key ingredients.

According to Berkebile, traditional penetrating lubricants use solvents to lower the viscosity of the oils they contain, enabling them to flow more easily or to be dispensed as a spray. The solvents make the lubricants runny, and in practical application, more than 80 percent of the applied substances are lost to runoff. Additionally, solvents break down some of the essential properties of the oils they mix with and, after quickly evaporating, leave a dry, varnish-like residue that can collect dirt and may actually increase surface friction (and thus impede mechanical action), the company says.

Protection First Class is different by design.

Berkebile says the product is solvent free, and is formulated to spray easily and to stick to surfaces tenaciously. As Protection First Class is being applied, its high viscosity allows almost 100 percent of the product to stick to the targeted application area. After application, PFC remains soft and pliable and forms a protective, friction-reducing film that delivers superior lubrication and anti-corrosion performance. In the case of small nicks and abrasions, the PFC coating will actually heal itself by flowing to fill small gaps in its protective surface, sealing out moisture and oxygen.

“In salt spray tests we’ve conducted, PFC lasted eight and a half weeks longer than five of the biggest selling solvent-based lubricants, which all failed between 24 and 96 hours,” says Kirk Sherbine, president of Berkebile Oil. “Protection First Class lasts 15 times longer and gives the marketplace an intelligent, highly effective, environmentally responsible alternative to solvent-based lubricants.”

Solvents have toxic biochemical, physiochemical and neurochemical effects on organic tissues of all types. Berkebile says Protection First Class is completely solvent free and formulated with top-quality, virgin ingredients, including corrosion preventives, lubricants and naturally occurring, completely biodegradable lanolin. Unlike cutting equipment coated with solvent-based lubricants, blades coated with PFC won’t cause browning or chemical burning when coming in contact with plants.

Protection First Class comes in a variety of container sizes designed to fit virtually any need, including a 15-ounce aerosol spray can (product number B-PFC-A),  a one-gallon jug (product number B-PFC-1), a five-gallon bucket (product number B-PFC-5) and a 55-gallon drum (product number B-PFC-55), the company says.

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