Quality trumps price in Minimizer aftermarket research report

MinimizerMinimizer recently conducted its latest industry research project to better understand aftermarket parts and accessories perceptions, trends and needs of heavy-duty fleet and owner-operator customers.

Minimizer says the research was completed during 2014, and offered the company new insights into its market, as well as helped to solidify anecdotal knowledge about the heavy-duty trucking marketplace. The company says more than 700 truck operators responded to the survey.

“Minimizer is a brand with a reputation for quality, durability and standing behind its lifetime guarantee. We’ve earned our reputation by listening to customers and doing our research,” says Craig Kruckeberg, CEO and Chief Visionary at Minimizer.

“We value the opinions of the distributors we partner with and the customers who purchase our products. So, we once again took to the market — fleet and owner-operators — and asked them to tell us what matters most when they purchase aftermarket parts and accessories.”

Minimizer says the research showed buyers choose quality and service over price, with 48 percent of respondents selecting “perceived quality” as the most important factor in making a truck parts and accessories purchase. Price came in at a distant second at 28.1 percent.

“Responses to the survey identify quality as a key factor affecting a customer’s decision to purchase aftermarket parts. Minimizer is the epitome of quality,” says Jason Rhoads, director of marketing at Minimizer.

“We have a lifetime warranty on our aftermarket parts because we are confident in the quality of the American-made products we manufacture. Furthermore, we know that quality products provide our customers with long-term savings and an overall lower lifecycle cost,” adds Kruckeberg.

According to the research, buyers find that aftermarket parts, such as Minimizer fenders, tend to be priced lower and outperform stock equipment. Market leaders like Minimizer provide a lifetime warranty that provides an incomparable return on investment.

Minimizer’s satisfaction ranking also revealed that respondents who have used Minimizer aftermarket products reported that they were extremely satisfied with their customer service experience, in part, because of the quality built into the product.

“Minimizer’s market research on aftermarket parts and accessories is an extension of what we already do – listen to our customers. Industry-leading market research complements our ability to act on industry demand. We’re excited about its results and look forward to on-going Minimizer research,” says Kruckeberg.

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