Luber-finer showcases product line growth at HDAW

Luber-finer MP995 Fuel FilterLuber-finer introduced several new innovations to the aftermarket at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) last week.

A variety of new products lead the charge; specificially the MP995 fuel filter and MXM NanoTech air filter.

The MP995 is a high-efficiency fuel filter (99.5 percent at 4 microns), and removes water to protect heavy-duty engines and will remove diesel fuel contaminants present in biodiesel fuels.

Alex Arango, brand manager, marketing at Luber-finer, says the MP995 will enhance the company’s overall filter product line, better ensuring that distributors and end users can rely on Luber-finer for all fuel filtration needs.

The MXM new air filter features innovative NanoTech synthetic media. Arango says the media uses a different component and design from typical filters, which allowes the filter to tout 99.9 percent initial efficiency.

Luber-finer also is expanding its line of Hydraulic Filters throughout 2015. The company says cartridge and spin-on filters are available.

Other new Luber-finer endeavors include the company’s Luber-finer University. Arango says this online certification program will launch in 2015, and will include training modules and graduates can receive Luber-finer certification.

The company also plans to re-launch its website in 2015, cleaner look that reflects Luber-finer’s innovation and commitment to product development, the company says.

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