Airman receives patent for aerodynamic system

United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent #9,045,176 Under Trailer Aerodynamic Control System to Airman Inc. for its creation of under trailer slipstreams to remove rear trailer door drag.

According to Airman, air flowing under a trailer is pressurized due to the forward movement of the trailer. That air is channeled and constricted to flow between and beneath the rear axles creating a venture, which pulls surrounding air into its wake. The primary source for air to fill the partial vacuum of the wake comes from the sides and top of the rear trailer doors. By removing that air, Airman says it can reduce drag and thereby allow the trailer to move more easily through the air.

Recent commercial, operational, over the road tests show that the application of the venturi induced drag reduction delivers an average 6.78 percent mpg increase over all route sections, Airman says. For drive only sections where the tractor trailer rig is going 700 miles with traffic but no stops, the system with winglets has delivered an average 11.92 percent mpg increase, the company says.

The system has been named the AirWedge II.

Airman says AirWedge II’s operational features include superb ground clearance, much higher trailer stability in cross winds, spray control in wet weather for clear views on both sides of the trailer, cooler running tires and brakes, and greatly reduced trailer seeking, especially for multiple trailer rigs.

AirWedge II also is tucked-in next to the rear axles and moves with the axles. AirWedge II’s compact design prevents damage from curbs, railroads, or large elevation changes in skirt-unfriendly docks. Because AirWedge II is so short, under-trailer access is not impeded, the company says. The product’s design also provides constant mileage benefits for all axle configurations.

For more information from AirWedge II testing, please CLICK HERE..

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