Low-rolling resistance tires addressed in Confidence Report

Trucking Efficiency has released a Confidence Report on low-rolling resistance tires.

The report, produced by the North American Council For Freight Efficiency and Carbon War Room, says that while the typical upfront purchase price of a tire is only approximately $0.04 per mile, given the range of rolling resistance among dual tires, tires could account for anywhere from $0.14/mile to $0.28/mile in fuel costs. Low-rolling resistance (LRR) tires in dual or wide-base configurations can reduce fuel consumption, the newest Confidence Report has determined.

“Low-rolling resistance tires, whether in dual or wide-base configurations, are proven to save fleets fuel and therefore have a good case for adoption,” says Mike Roeth, operations lead at Trucking Efficiency. “The newest tires, the ones with much lower resistance, are merging as great economic investments.”

According to Trucking Efficiency,  the report documents the benefits and challenges of low-rolling resistance tires, defines and explains how to measure rolling resistance, explores what makes a tire more efficient, and offers recommendations for fleets wanting to invest in low-rolling resistance tires. The report’s findings also address the significant fuel savings these tires provide when compared to tires not designed specifically for low-rolling resistance.

Trucking Efficiency says the Confidence Report also offers two key tools to help vehicle owners during the decision-making process:

  • A Decision Guide to assist fleets in making choices on low rolling resistance tires in dual or wide-base configurations.
  • A Total Cost of Ownership Calculator to allow users to calculate the total cost of ownership impact of various user-supplied alternatives such as the axle configuration of their tractor and trailer and associated miles driven, as well as tire-specific data for the steer, drive, and trailer tires that are under consideration.

For more information from this and other Confidence Reports, please go to www.truckingefficiency.org.

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