Federal court orders immediate halt on production of ‘Green Tail’ aerodynamic devices

STEMCO announces Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell of the United States District Court for the Central District of California issued an order on Aug. 24, 2015, granting STEMCO subsidiary ATDynamics’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction against Ridge Corporation’s Green Tail product.

The Court found that ATDynamics demonstrated that it is “likely to succeed” on the merits of its patent infringement lawsuit against Ridge based on the Court’s review of three representative claims.

Ridge Corporation, and its agents, principals, servants, employees and all those acting in concert with them, are—pending a bond—preliminarily enjoined from engaging in the manufacture, use, sale or offer for sale within the United States, or importation into the United States, of any and all products that infringe one or more claims of ATDynamics’ patents—United States Patent Nos. 8,360,510, 8,360,509 and 8,272,680.

Ridge has been ordered to immediately cease all manufacture, use, sales, offers for sale or importation of “Green Tail” devices or any other products that infringe one or more claims of United States Patent Nos. 8,360,510, 8,360,509 or 8,272,680.

STEMCO says this injunction will stop Ridge’s infringement of ATDynamics’ patents while the patent infringement lawsuit is ongoing. ATDynamics has also asked the Court for monetary damages and to make the injunction against Ridge permanent at the conclusion of the lawsuit.

For more information, view a public copy of the Court’s decision HERE.

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