Stowing gladhands: More harm than its worth?

Phillips Qwik Tech Tips has released its most recent Tech Tips bulletin.

This month’s issues tackles winter’s impact on components, specifically, gladhands. Phillips states that wet weather and de-icing chemicals can create the perfect storm for corrosion buildup, and while electrical connections such as plugs and socket unions are primary locations where corrosion can appear and be damaged, plug and gladhands stowed on the back of a cab also should not be overlooked.

“The design and maintenance of a plug and gladhand stowage unit can contribute to the condition of an electrical cable, for better or for worse,” the company states.

The company notes the importance of avoiding trapping debris when positioning components for stowing. The company also says angles matter, noting “back of cab caddies that are non-metallic and angled will perform better than those that are straight and/or made of metal.”

To read this month’s issue in its entirety, please CLICK HERE.

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