U-Joint Kit Upgrades

According to Roadranger the SPL250-3X service U-joint kit supersedes the SPL250X service U-joint kit and can be applied in all SPL250 applications. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1 Untitled 1
Figure 1

In addition, the SPL170-4X service U-joint kit supersedes the SPL170-3X service U-joint kit and can be applied in all SPL170 applications.

The new SPL250-3X kit can be identified by hard plastic seal guard and the absence of the groove on the outside of the bearing cup.

The new seal guards include a cup retention feature that eliminates the need for the tie wire used in OEM applications, according to a Roadranger technical bulletin.

Figure 2 Untitled 1
Figure 2

The new seal guard requires the outboard cups to be fully seated on the journal prior to installation into the end yoke. A C-clamp or small press maybe needed to fully seat the bearing cups, according to the bulletin.

The new SPL170-4X kit can be identified by etched lettering in the bearing cup. (See Figure 2.)

The new U-joint kits uses large diameter needle rollers and high temperature Viton seals to provide extended U-joint bearing life, Roadranger says.

Figure 3 Untitled 1
Figure 3

With the SPL250-3X, because of the new cup retention feature and seal package, the bearing cup assemblies from the current SPL250 U-Joint cannot be used as replacements with the new kit bearing cup. (See Figure 2.)

The hardware should be used to reinstall the drivelines into a vehicle and for maximum performance, the torque specifications and torque sequence should be followed during the original installation or reinstallation of components. (See Figure 3.)

After the installation, the universal joint must be fully purged with an E.P., high temperature grease meeting N.L.G.I. grade 2 specifications.

Spicer approved grease must have an operating range of +325°F to -10°F and be compatible with lithium soap types.

Spicer recommends re-lubrication with Chevron Ultra-Duty EP-2 or high quality E.P. grease (Timken Test Load 45 lbs. min) meeting N.L.G.I grade 2 specification.

Failure to use approved grease will void the warranty.

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