Qwik Tech Tips on wiring

In this month’s issue of Phillips Industries’ Qwik Tech Tips, the company writes, “Did you know that the original electrical cables were 4-way conductors, giving way in the late 1950’s to 6-way conductors, and then in the late 1960’s the 7-way conductors were finally introduced?

“The internal wiring of a seven-way cable is made up of seven different types of primary wire. The gauges on these wires will vary in size depending on the cable type. Each circuit on the cable is represented by a different color, and per SAE standards, is the same no matter who the cable manufacturer is.”

According to Phillips, “primary wire is used for more than just electrical cables. It’s also used for re-wiring electrical sockets as well as electrical harnesses. When working with the electrical system it is always important to select the proper gauge for the circuit being worked on as well as making all attempts to keep corrosion at bay. Improperly wired electrical systems can lead to failed lighting and auxiliary components as well as corrosion intrusion.”

For more on wiring, please check out this month’s issue of Qwik Tech Tips HERE.

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