PlastiKote expands primer product line

PlastiKoteAutomotivePrimers[1R2]PlastiKote introduces new specialty premium primers.

“PlastiKote premium primers deliver maximum protection and a solid base for surfaces to be painted,” says Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar. “Our complete line of specialty primers will help any top coat of paint look smoother and last longer, while providing protection against the elements and corrosion.”

PlastiKote describes the primers as follows:

  • PlastiKote Sandable Primer provides a base for top coats that makes them look smoother and last longer. It provides strong adhesion and resists rust when applied to bare metal and works well under lacquer, enamel or acrylic top coats.
  • PlastiKote Paint and Primer Sealer is excellent for sealing weathered vehicle paint prior to top-coat application. It seals PlastiKote Sandable Primer, Spot Filler and Primer products, and provides superb top coat adhesion and a smoother surface for a glossier top coat finish of any PlastiKote automotive paint.
  • PlastiKote Spot Filler and Primer quickly covers nicks and scratches and is ideal to prepare metal or wood surfaces with minor damage.
  • PlastiKote Flexible Spot Filler and Primer has all the same characteristics of Spot Filler and Primer with the added benefit of being flexible. This “high-build” primer has excellent adhesion for semi-rigid and flexible plastics.
  • PlastiKote Etching Primer chemically bonds to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, etches and primes in one coat, and is sandable. Etching Primer provides an ideal surface for Spot Filler and Primer or top coat colors and can be used on most rigid plastics, steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • PlastiKote Zinc Rich Primer is a cold galvanizing primer that provides maximum rust prevention on bare metal. It also covers existing rust and can be used as a weld-thru primer, providing an excellent, non-sandable surface for any PlastiKote automotive top coat.
  • PlastiKote Plastic Primer adheres to most automotive plastics and is for use on car interior pieces such as dashboards, consoles or exterior pieces like flexible bumpers, trim and molding, to provide excellent adhesion for any top coat of paint.
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