Footballs and tires

Pressure Systems International (PSI) has published its most recent Commercial Fleet Tire Digest, titled “Football and Tires – A lot of the same Issues.”

“Deflate-gate sure has generated a lot of interest and controversy over the last several weeks,” PSI writes. “Football air pressure issues including temperature effect, and even pressure gauges, have come under scrutiny. It’s the same exact issues we have been preaching for over 20 years on how important it is to maintain the proper inflation in tires.

“We could give the NFL our take on this whole football deflation story. Air is what carries the load in tires. If you know the worst case load the tire sees in your service vocation, you can set the proper inflation which gives you the perfect tire footprint, maximizes fuel economy & treadwear and minimizes sidewall deflection. The football grip and aerodynamics behave differently when football air pressure is lower or higher versus spec. Wilson footballs have the recommended tire inflation stamped on every ball – 13 lbs.”

For a copy of this month’s issue, please CLICK HERE.

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