PSI collaborating with SkyBitz to provide tire pressure data information

SkyBitz and Pressure Systems International (PSI) announced an agreement to provide integrated tire inflation data alongside asset information for managing fleets Sunday at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting in Nashville.

The companies say their agreement will offer vehicle owners a comprehensive breadth of data related to under inflation; and will provide various maintenance improvements such as minimizing the related roadside service calls, improving fuel economy and reducing early tire removal due to irregular wear.

“Trailer tires historical have the poorest air pressure on an 18-wheeler. By providing tire fault alerts into SkyBitz’s system, customer can monitor tire pressure in real time and avoid costly roadside breakdowns,” says Al Cohn, director, new market development and engineering support at PSI. “We are excited to work with SkyBitz to help solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges.”

Through this new partnership, enhance tire status and asset information from PSI and SkyBitz will be deliver through SkyBitz InSight, a web application that provides a complete view of assets and cargo status and location information. Both the driver and the dispatcher will get real time notifications if there is a tire system fault.

Having this information allows for better maintenance of tire wear and ensured that the tire is taken care of next time the trailer is taken into the shop for maintenance, the companies say. Dispatchers also can benefit from this information by helping them find and direct drivers to their companies preferred service provider in closest proximity to the affected trailer, resulting in cost savings.

“We are pleased to add more value and a higher level of service through our integrated solution for customers,” says Henry Popplewell, senior vice president and general manager at SkyBitz. “Together SkyBitz and PSI solutions now allow our customers to closely monitor their trailer tires for optimized maintenance as part of our overall comprehensive management solution.”

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