New DPF cleaning solution introduced

AGAE Technologies, LLC, a specialty chemical company based in Corvallis, Ore., has introduced a breakthrough in diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning.

AGAE says its new solvent-free, aqueous cleaning solution, formulated with rhamnolipid biosurfactant and other natural ingredients, is highly effective and economical for cleaning DPFs. Able to be used with water-based cleaning machines, AGAE says its all-natural solution has no solvents and is safe for the DPF/DOC catalyst material.

AGAE also says its has partnered with CES R&D to develop a water-based machine that effectively optimizes AGAE’s cleaning solution and produce better DPF cleaning results than any other technology currently seen in the industry.

Using these two technologies together, AGAE says it is getting DPFs up to 98 percent clean and is able to clean DPFs that have been otherwise deemed “backflow test failed” after cleanings by other leading technologies.

AGAE says the results of these breakthroughs include:

  • Better engine performance, efficiency and fuel economy
  • Longer life for DPFs
  • Longer intervals between each cleaning service
  • Significant savings on DPF cleaning and maintenance costs—not to mention fewer DPF replacement costs
  • Significantly less down time for DPF cleanings (one hour, as opposed to the several hours of baking and cooling required for most blow-and-bake technologies)
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