ChemStation develops new ph probe system for trucking company

ChemStation, a leading provider of environmentally friendly industrial chemicals and refillable containers announced Thursday that its Memphis facility recently developed a pH probe system for a trucking company that needed help monitoring their wastewater prior to releasing it into the city’s sewer system. The new probe system helps them guarantee a neutral reading before the wastewater is released.

ChemStation is known for locally providing custom formulated, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning chemicals to nationwide customers representing a broad range of industries. These chemicals are blended and delivered by ChemStation Manufacturing Centers across the country into the company’s signature reusable containers, meaning that every time a company needs to refill its cleaning chemicals, it doesn’t need to throw out the old container.

However, the development of the new pH probe is an excellent example of the services and products that ChemStation provides beyond cleaning chemicals and containers. ChemStation provides advice and guidance to ensure waste materials are managed properly and develops new products when the situation warrants it.

Recently, ChemStation’s chemists even developed a custom cleaning chemical that was designed to completely eliminate chemical residue from a customer’s tanker truck, leaving it bright and shiny inside and out. Without this innovative new product, the trucking company faced losing one of their tankers resulting in a $60,000 loss.

“Our “work-with partnership” doesn’t stop after the sale,” Jeff Purks of ChemStation said. “We’re here to help you in any way that we can.” ChemStation is committed to providing companies with quality, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and will continue to develop new products for their customer’s most challenging situations.

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