Waterless coolant system hits 1M mile mark

More than 23 years ago, independent owner operator Joe Umstead bought a brand new Freightliner truck and fit its Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine with an experimental waterless coolant provided by Evans

Recently, Umstead, drove that truck and its coolant system past 1 million miles and says he has never changed or topped off his coolant, or used any supplemental coolant additives.

“The coolant performs like the day I had it installed, and I haven’t lost a drop,” he says, “and I drive all 48 states and in plenty of hot weather conditions.”

The waterless coolant has a boiling point of 375 degrees and at operating temperatures has a very low vapor pressure. The low pressure has reduced the stress on cooling system components. And after 1 million miles and 23 years of use, the hoses on Umstead’s engine are the original ones.

The metals in his engine have not suffered the effects of corrosion, electrolysis, or cavitation erosion, he says.

“I never think about hot climates or altitude, except when I’m passing someone going up a steep grade. That’s when I’m reminded that operating with Evans has a performance advantage,” he says.

The engine is from the pre-EGR cooler era and the fan clutch is actuated by a “fan-stat.” The actuation temperature is elevated to reduce fan-on time for fuel economy.

Umstead says he’s averaged about 7.5 mpg over the past nearly quarter century.

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