New torque wrench

Central States Plastic has released the newest tool in the ongoing fight to keep truck wheels properly torqued. The lightweight Torque Fin allows one-man torque checking at recommended intervals of 5,000 miles, the company says.

“When tires do come off it is within the first 175 to 3000 miles,” says Jared Austin of Central States. “Wheels generally should be torque checked after the first 50-100 miles of having a wheel reset on the hub.”

The Torque Fin is made in America and offers a lifetime warranty, and at less than 6 lbs., its one of the lightest torqueing options in the industry.

“Besides helping to prevent dangerous ‘wheel-off’ situations, this also is a workers comp tool, as there is no risk from a second mechanic holding tools at odd angles while torque checking,” says Austin. “Additionally, by setting your torque wrench to 25lbs less than the required torque when using Torque Fin, if you feel the wrench twist in anyway before the handle breaks away, you have a lug that’s about to break and it needs to be replaced.”

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