FTI Groups rolls out tire tracking software

Updated Jun 23, 2014

FTI Groups, Inc. has launched a complete tire tracking module paired with its popular fleet management software, sureFleet. The new tire tracking module allows users to track each tire as an individual asset. This module offers users a comprehensive way to track tire maintenance, necessary repairs, and total tire expense.

“The new sureFleet tire module represents full asset tracking with a large number of features designed based on customer and tire manufacturer feedback.” says Jeffrey Godwin, President of FTI Groups. “Understanding how each tire is used within a fleet leads to better decision making, quality control and a reduced cost per mile.”

When tires are entered into sureFleet as individual assets, custom tire positions for each vehicle can be created so exact tire location can be recorded. The system will track lifetime mileage for a tire as well as mileage at each position. Users can set maximum repair and retread thresholds as well as generate work orders specifically for a tire. Drivers can update tire information, such as air pressure and tread depth readings, directly from the mobile app. Monitoring of specific tire information provides a comprehensive solution for managing the expense of tires in fleets.

Using sureFleet, companies can enter all maintenance performed on their fleet, store all data, and maintain vehicle, and equipment lists. sureFleet is specifically designed to help business operations with better tracking and reporting on fleet preventative maintenance needs, repair costs, fuel purchases, and more.  sureFleet provides notification when services are due, plates are expiring, state or internal safety inspections are due, etc. It provides data capture and reporting associated with fleet maintenance to record everything from oil changes and fueling information to engine overhauls and tire positions. sureFleet incorporates detailed reporting and advanced tracking methods with the capability of tracking the maintenance for an unlimited number of vehicles.  The system also manages insurance policies, accident reporting, image storage, and even vehicle depreciation.

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