New releases from Ken-Tool for drum air brake slack adjustment

33200-Meritor-Slack-Adjuster-Tool-Set-loKen-Tool has announced three new tools to aid in adjusting drum air brake linkage to remove slack on trucks and trailers with Bendix, Haldex and Meritor air braking systems.

The tools, one for each brake manufacturer’s design, feature the use of tool-grade steel and offset reversible ratchet design.  The tools are available separately.

The two-piece Meritor Automatic Slack Adjuster Set (pn 33200) features a 5/16” double square ratchet and a tool to secure the brake shaft from turning during tightening/loosening of the adjustment nut (with heavy-duty molded resin handles), each tool weighs 10.4 oz. (0.3 kg), is 12 in. (31 cm) long, and priced at $70.95 (US) MSRP for the set.

33205-Haldex-Slack-Adjuster-Tool-loThe Haldex Slack Adjuster Tool (pn 33205) uses a 7/16” double offset square ratchet, weighs 10.4 oz. (0.3 kg), is 14.5 in. (37 cm) long, and priced at $33.99 (US) MSRP.

33206-Bendix-Slack-Adjuster-Tool-loThe Bendix Slack Adjuster Tool (pn 33206) uses a 9/16” double offset square ratchet, weighs 1.0 lb. (0. 5 kg), is 14.5 in. (37 cm) long, and priced at $51.50 (US) MSRP.

The Haldex and Bendix tools each have extra-long handles for improved leverage, with comfortable, slip resistant vinyl hand grips. To reverse direction on the Bendix and Haldex tools, the technician turns the tool over. Each of the part numbers are packaged in polybags with barcoded hang tags for vertical retail display.

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