Colorado inventor designs anti-jackknife trailer product

InventHelp says an inventor from Colorado has designed a component that could prevent a semi-trailer from jackknifing. This invention is patented and a virtual prototype is available.

According to InventHelp, the No Jack will prevent the trailer from coming around the tractor in an accident situation. It would help to eliminate the trailer from causing an accident in the first place, and could assist in reducing the frequency of semi-trailer accidents. Designed by an experienced truck driver to enhance highway safety, InventHelp says the product would offer added peace of mind to all truck drivers.

“After witnessing several accidents in my 50 years of driving trucks, I developed a safety item that should be installed on every semi in the world,” says the inventor.

InventHelp says No Jack uses a retractable steel pin that would be produced in built-in versions for use on new-production vehicles. When the trailer’s wheels reach 20 mph, No Jack it activates the pin that drops down and locks directly behind the kingpin on the fifth wheel. The pin sinks into the fifth wheel plate and remains locked into place to prevent the trailer from swaying side to side.

Once the trailer’s wheels reach 19 mph or below, the pin automatically retracts back into the trailer’s apron. When the pin is activated by the trailer’s speed, the trailer would only be able to come around a maximum of 15-degrees, InventHelp says.

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