Robinair wireless kits for A/C recovery machines

Robinair has introduced the 80211VCI and 80211TMP wireless add-on kits the company says provide feature and performance enhancements to all existing new platform A/C recovery machines.

Both kits give technicians enhanced service capabilities when documenting or confirming an A/C service diagnosis and repair. A SD card included in the contents of each kit enables Wi-Fi functionality and the ability to receive OTA software updates on connected Robinair NI, NI-H and AC1234-4 machines, the company says.

The 80211VCI kit features a wireless module, VCI and capacities database that allows technicians to wirelessly gather vehicle year, make and model and engine (YMME) information and read generic OBDII diagnostic fault codes to identify potential issues causing vehicle A/C problems. The Wi-Fi/VCI master kit links the vehicle in service and automatically includes vehicle charge amount contained within the capacities database as well as oil type and oil capacity for various A/C system components. An additional feature of the 80211VCI adds the YMME and capacity information to maintenance reports, documenting to the customer and for the shop, that the correct service was performed, Robinair says.

The 80211TMP kit includes a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle and two Bluetooth temperature probes designed to be placed inside, defroster and face vents to capture duct temperature during a vehicle’s A/C system service. The temperature probes seamlessly communicate with compatible Robinair A/C recovery machines to provide technicians with added before and after service capabilities like testing vent versus outside air temperature when diagnosing a vehicle, or after service temperature when refrigerant has been replaced and the system is running. The company says one of the biggest benefits is that the 80211TMP adds before- and after-service vent temperatures to maintenance reports, confirming to the customer, and for the shop, that an improvement was made to the A/C system and the proper repair was performed.

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