Phillips offers guidance for building on-board toolbox

Phillips Industries has published its May 2020 Tech Tips bulletin. This month’s issue provides guidance for vehicle owners when stocking an on-board toolbox to use for roadside repairs.

Phillips says on-board toolboxes are necessary features for all heavy trucks and should be stocked with tools and components that can address simple roadside repairs or something that has to be fixed during routine inspection.

The company says usual tools such as wrenches, a socket set and a flashlight can aid in minor mechanical break-down situations that may arise, but that drivers shouldn’t only stock those tools, adding there also are “items specific to an application, such as 7-way plug and socket testers, and gladhands that can help in repairs to air and electrical connection malfunctions.

Phillips then goes on to provide a list of tools that should be included in an on-board tool chest and references its standard Phillips CSA kit designed exclusively to aid in all roadside electrical service.

The company also adds no matter what a driver may or may not keep on board, it is always good to regularly inventory tools and repair items to ensure everything is still there and in good working order. It also is a good idea to keep a first aid kit on board.

To read this month’s issue in its entirety, please CLICK HERE.

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