Whiting Systems introduces foot pump dispenser for hand cleaners

Whiting Systems now offers a hands-free Sentry foot pump dispenser paired with antiseptic hands-free alcohol hand cleaner to help with mitigating the spread of pathogens causing illnesses.

Whiting Systems President Russ Whiting says the new dispenser is pump is ideal for transition zones and has no batteries or electrical cost.  The dispenser will draw gels or liquids from any container in a predetermined amount saving partners time and money by purchasing in bulk. The hands-free Sentry foot pump also is machined stainless steel construction for years of use. It has been side by side tested and outperformed traditional dispensers, Whiting says.

“We are excited to implement the Whiting Smart Mitigation program with all facilities to build confidence back in our society and to commit to provide innovative and reliable safety solutions to our customers,” he adds.

Director of Marketing Jason Rhoads says Whiting Systems tested the foot pump performance with more than 1 million strokes and implemented pressure damper absorption technology for long term use and application. By combining its SDC dihydrogen citrate disinfectant, Rhoads says the new product it will ensure the Whiting Systems’ customer base will have the ability to aid in building the confidence of the airline industry, train industry, bus transportation, and all commercial transit.

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