California Clean Truck Program to begin in April

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The California Air Resources Board announced that its new Clean Truck Check program, which will require truck owners operating in the state to submit to periodic emissions testing, will take effect beginning April 1.

CARB has already extended the reporting deadline for owners to register their trucks in the Clean Truck Check Vehicle Inspection System (CTC-VIS) and pay a $30-per-vehicle compliance fee through Jan. 31. The original deadline was Dec. 31.

The agency said the regulation is being rolled out in phases, with the first phase having debuted a year ago with deployment of roadside emissions monitoring equipment to screen for vehicles operating with potentially high emissions. Vehicles identified as potential high emitters receive a “Notice to Submit to Testing” and are required to submit a passing compliance test to CARB within 30 days of receipt of the notice.

The second phase of the program was rolled out in September, requiring owners to report their trucks and pay the annual compliance fee.

Before implementation of the final phase of the program, CARB is required to announce an effective date at least 90 days before the date.

As such, as of April 1, 2024, vehicles subject to the regulation must pass an emissions compliance test twice per year. Motorhomes and agricultural vehicles are an exception to that rule -- they must pass an emissions compliance test just once per year.

The first periodic testing deadlines will be in July, CARB noted. For California-registered trucks, the periodic testing deadlines will be based on DMV registration date. Trucks registered out of state will be required to test based on the last number of the vehicle’s VIN.

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