The new Class 5 walk-in van from Morgan Olson, EAVX

EAVX and Morgan Olson, both subsidiaries of JB Poindexter & Co., have revealed the first look at their new Class 5 walk-in step van body design, which is said to offer unprecedented integrated technology and aims to lead the way in the development of next-generation commercial delivery vehicles.

Named Proxima, the body builds off Morgan Olson's reputation for durable and dependable commercial vehicle bodies, while introducing new technologies to enhance driver ergonomics and efficiencies that will transform the industry. Proxima’s chassis-flexible design means it offers significant advantages for both electric and internal-combustion powertrains, as well as new features that aim to positively impact safety, comfort and overall driver experience, the companies say.

“We are thrilled to begin sharing the Proxima body concept with the world in the coming weeks and months,” says Mark Hope, COO and general manager, EAVX. “Proxima combines JBPCO’s proven history of building durable and dependable work truck and commercial vehicle bodies and accessories with our long track record of product innovation. Receiving in person feedback from some of the leading fleets in the world is an exciting and important next step as we move closer to bringing Proxima to market.”

The companies say Proxima’s key design highlights and product features include:

The new Class 5 walk-in van from Morgan Olson, EAVX

  • Improved aerodynamics: Delivering a significant reduction in drag for maximum efficiency without compromising functionality,
  • Enhanced driver ergonomics: Proxima is designed to accommodate drivers of all sizes with a focus on every interior detail to reduce distraction and increase comfort.
  • Increased driver visibility: Proxima’s purposefully designed dash, windshield, and side- and rear-view screens optimize driver sight lines for maximum visibility and significant blind-spot reduction
  • Improved driver safety: Proxima’s design puts a premium on driving position and improved visibility to aid in parking, maneuvering and avoiding obstacles — contributing to overall driver safety.
  • Enhanced technology integration: EAVX’s proprietary VX Control is a digital vehicle infrastructure that enables the widest array of technologies to be connected, configured and communicate with each other and with drivers, no matter the chassis or powertrain. For Proxima, VX Control will unify lighting, equipment, tools, cameras, sensors and driver assistance technologies into a single, intelligent system that works continuously to deliver higher efficiency, lower operational cost and greater value in every application.

Additionally, Proxima features a flexible design that offers design options for all types of chassis regardless of powertrain or power source. For this first proof of concept, EAVX and Morgan Olson are partnering with automotive technology company REE Automotive for its P7 electric chassis, where the body will be powered by the REEcorner’s drive-, steer-, and brake-by-wire technology. The companies will begin evaluations of Proxima with select potential customers later this month at dedicated events in the Detroit area. These events will allow potential customers across a number of delivery, logistics and retail segments to experience the vehicle and its groundbreaking technology firsthand, the companies say.

“These events will be a critical opportunity for partners and potential customers to engage our team first hand, and to see what Proxima offers as we get closer to production,” says John Poindexter, CEO and chairman, JBPCO. “Innovation is a living part of our company’s foundation and EAVX and Proxima are the latest examples of this compulsion.”

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