Selling your customer service experience

Remember your last trip to Walt Disney World? When you were there, what impressed you most about the facility?

Was it the cleanliness? Maybe it was the amiable staff, or the consistent signage and information you used while making your way through the park.

If it was one of those things that’s because Disney wanted you to notice it, says Dennis Snow, professional consultant and long-time Disney employee.

Disney World isn’t just a theme park, it’s an experience.

Presenting at CVSN’s Aftermarket Distribution Summit Tuesday in Santa Rosa, Calif., Snow says you should be working to sell experience in your business as well.

Just because you don’t have Cinderella’s Castle and Mickey Mouse doesn’t mean you can’t impress your customers, he says.

“You have to create little moments of wow,” says Snow. Big moments of wow are great, but they aren’t easily repeatable. By crafting little moments of wow for your customers in everyday business, you can slowly build an experience that leads to partnerships and long-term success.

You can create an experience customers want to maintain.

“Little moments add up,” Snow says. “We don’t know what is going on in the lives of our customers. So we never know; a little wow moment could change their entire day.”

But Snow says creating wow moments isn’t something that can be easily established into your customer service practices. To impress, you first must maintain.

According to Gallup research, Snow says all customers operate with a hierarchy of expectations when working with suppliers. They first expect accuracy and availability — meaning you get them the right part when they need it — and if they are satisfied with your performance in those categories they will eventually come to see you as a partner. It’s in those situations where you can provide wow opportunities and truly be successful, Snow says.

In an industry where your products are a commodity, anything that sets your business apart should be used.

Just think back to that opening question. Did you even consider the rides?

By selling your experience, Snow says you will sell your brand.

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