Penray releases new headlight restoration kit

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Updated Aug 3, 2017

Penray headlight restoration kitPenray recently introduced its Headlight Restoration Kit 8405, which the company says “is one of the quickest and easiest-to-use headlight restoration kits on the market.”

Penray is offering a one-year warranty on the product.

It is a two-step treatment designed to restore a clear finish to headlight covers that have developed fading, yellowing or glazing.

When faded, headlights can compromise visibility and safe night driving. It also reduces and diffuses headlight beams, and also can be confusing and distracting to oncoming drivers who cannot properly judge the distance to oncoming traffic or closing speeds.

This kit from Penray includes just two simple steps for headlight cover restoration —  Prep, and Protect, the company says.

Penray’s specially-blended Lens Prep lotion wipes away dirt and grime from headlight covers with a brief side-to-side wiping action. The preparation ends with wiping the prep material off with an alcohol wipe which is supplied in the kit.

During the Protect step, simply spray two coats of Penray’s lens coating across each headlight lens, wipe off any overspray, and you’re done.

Penray’s Headlight Restoration Kit does not require any sanding with sandpaper, requires no special tools, and does not require the use of special ultraviolet lighting like some other systems.

Penray is supporting this product with on-line resources that include a flyer highlighting the features and benefits of this kit, and installation instructions so technicians, parts professionals, and DIYers can read for themselves how easy it is to use this kit. In addition, Penray has created an online video showing the ease of use and effectiveness of this product.

The on-line video can be viewed at:

According to Feda Hadzimusic, associate product manager for Penray, this product fills an important gap in the market for headlight cleaning and restoration products.

“Other products often require tiresome sanding of headlight lenses with progressively finer grades of sandpaper,” says Hadzimusic. “Other products require specialty tools and, in some cases, special ultraviolet lighting to force-cure some of the chemicals used.

“Our customers desired a kit that is easier, simpler, faster, and more effective than other products previously offered. Penray’s made-in-the-USA kit does exactly that.”

Penray’s Headlight Restoration Kit 8405 is effective on all modern polycarbonate and plastic headlights and headlight covers. Each kit restores two headlights, and the product is covered by a one-year warranty.

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