Phillips Industries releases new Quik Tech Tips

Updated Aug 1, 2017

Phillips Industriesis dedicating the May and June issues of their Qwik Tech Tips newsletter explaining the use and functions of a multimeter.

Electrical knowledge and the understanding of the use of a multimeter appears to be a decreasing skill set among commercial vehicle technicians, the company says.

A two-part series of Qwik Tech Tips will review the fundamental functions of a multimeter. Most technicians have been introduced to this type of tool; however, many could be limited to performing certain diagnostics in which they only replicate the steps they’ve been taught for a specific test, rather than understanding the tool and its functions in order to utilize it to its fullest potential.  The series of Qwik Tech Tips articles are intended to reinforce the foundational knowledge of the function of a multimeter and what its used for.

The May issue of Qwik Tech Tips outlines the basics of a multimeter and points out that “using a multimeter can effectively help troubleshoot and identify a problem within the electrical system of a commercial vehicle, helping to avoid the costs associated with unnecessary maintenance and repair/product replacement.”

June’s issue will touch on the dial measurement settings and their relation to electricity.  Potential future articles will provide further information such as tips and step-by-step instructions for basic tests performed using a multimeter.

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