Minimizer debuts mattress for over-the-road drivers

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Updated Aug 25, 2017

Minimizer truck mattressA year after introducing their Long Haul Series Seat, Minimizer is growing its #RespectTheDriver brand by releasing a mattress that is designed and specified for professional, over-the-road truck drivers.

Developed through steady research and input from the industry, Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Craig Kruckeberg says the mattress will exceed customer expectations.

“My engineers researched mattresses for over a year and found a big gap with what’s available in a home mattress versus a truck mattress,” he says. “It shouldn’t be like that. Why would truck drivers be expected to sleep on something inferior to what the rest of the world has available? So we set out to make the finest mattress available for professional drivers. Based on test feedback, I’m confident we hit a home run!”

Minimizer says its engineers also included doctors in the search for the perfect truck mattress.

“Sure, we want a comfortable mattress, but it has to be healthy, too. A good night’s sleep can make a BIG difference in quality of life,” Kruckeberg says.

The mattress is made using 100 percent natural, organic latex foam. Unlike memory foam, which retains body heat and conforms around your body, Minimizer says latex offers breathability and buoyancy, regulating your temperature as you sleep and reacting instantly to sleeping position changes.

The Minimizer Mattress also offers dual comfort, with a soft side for side sleepers and a firm side for stomach and back sleepers. The Minimizer mattress is also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, meaning drivers will not find mold, mildew, bacteria or dust mites living in their mattress. This can also have a big impact on quality of sleep, the company says.

“When you think of allergens, you think of congestion,” says Dr. Kelly Nesvold of Wellness 1st Chiropractic. “A congested airway is a partially closed airway, so that person is not going to breath as well at night and they’re not going to get as much oxygen. Sleep apnea is a huge issue in the trucking industry, so we want to make sure people have open airways and are breathing well, and a latex mattress helps bring that to the table.”

Minimizer believes the product is the best mattress on the market today, and is backing it with a lifetime guarantee.

“This mattress has all the bases covered. There isn’t a better mattress available. I personally tested one on my home bed and it’s still there,” says Kruckeberg.

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