Important gladhand maintenance tips

Phillips Industries addresses gladhand maintenance in newest issue of its Qwik Tech Tips.

“Gladhands are a critical piece of the air brake system. If not maintained, they will not couple properly, allowing air to leak, as well as leaving the air brake system susceptible to moisture and debris,” the company says. “Inspecting gladhands and gladhand seals regularly is one of the easiest ways to protect the air brake system.”

In the issue, Phillips offers tips for inspecting, cleaning and replacing gladhand bodies, detent plates and rivets, connector plates, seals and overall gladhand care.

The company adds additional useful tips include:

  • Watch for loss of tension when coupling and uncoupling glad-hands. This is a sure sign they need to be replaced.
  • Store gladhands in their stowage when dropping a trailer. This will keep air lines sealed, keeping moisture and debris out.
  • Gladhands should be replaced at the first substantial signs of damage/corrosion or when air lines are replaced.
  • Gladhand seals should be inspected regularly and replaced at least once a year based on usage.

To read this month’s issue in its entirety, please CLICK HERE.

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