Scissor Lift Boasts Faster Setup

Rotary Lift has introduced the EFX60, a heavy-duty in-ground scissor lift that is said to make lift setup and operation faster and easier, resulting in more productive technicians and less vehicle downtime.

The EFX60 uses Rotary Lift’s patented universal style lifting saddle with flip-up adapters. According to the company, the EFX60 is compatible with the industry’s widest selection of lightweight adapters.

The EFX60 has an infinite adapter adjustment range, which is said to enable technicians to precisely position adapters exactly where they’re needed for proper lifting.

The adapters also swivel, making it possible to pick up vehicles by either the frame or the axle. Rotary Lift claims the EFX60 can lift and service virtually any medium- or heavy-duty vehicle weighing up to 60,000 lbs.

According to Rotary Lift, the EFX60 uses heavier, larger centering links that are said to be 33 percent stronger than those on comparable lifts.

Rotary Lift


Tear Down Bench Available

Shure Manufacturing Corporation says its heavy-duty tear down benches ease the task of working with fluid-saturated components. These benches eliminate unsafe spills and speed work on transmissions, small engines and hydraulic systems, according to the company.

Features of the benches include:

• Reinforced heavy-duty top with ½ in. lip on all sides

• All-welded adjustable height legs with four heavy-duty swivel casters with brake

• Storage drawer with optional lock

• Four heavy-duty swivel casters with brake

• Three-gallon fluid drain pan

• A stainless steel insert for an additional charge

• Powder coat paint finish

Shure Manufacturing


Steer Tire With Warranty

Michelin says its new Michelin XZA3+ Evertread steer tire will get 30 percent more miles than the competition.

The company also says the tire is able to deliver longer wear life due to its new generation of Co-Ex Technology, the patent pending Dual Compound Tread.

This technology allows tire designers to utilize multiple rubber compounds at different places in the tread. One compound is specifically engineered to control tread stiffness and stress to reduce irregular wear.

Another compound is said to deliver ultra fuel-efficiency and keep the tire’s operating temperatures low, guarding the casing for retreading. The tire also features a three-retread limited warranty.

The XZA3+ Evertread tire is now available in North America in four G-load range sizes: 11R22.5, 275/80R22.5, 11R24.5 and 275/80R24.5; as well as two H-load range sizes: 11R22.5 and 275/80R22.5.



Visctronic Fan Drives Released

BorgWarner Thermal Systems now supplies Visctronic fan drives as optional equipment for Freightliner Cascadia trucks powered by DD13 and DD15 engines.

The electronically controlled Visctronic fan drives operate only when needed and at the appropriate speed, freeing up engine power and contributing to better fuel economy, according to the company. Tighter control of engine temperature also is said to extend engine and component life.

Visctronic fan drives combine BorgWarner’s viscous technology with precise electronic control. Through specifically calibrated software, the fan drive communicates with the engine’s electronic control unit to continuously determine the engine’s cooling needs.

Patented fluid-actuated valves and high-speed reservoirs respond quickly for accurate control, delivering just the right amount of cooling when it’s needed, the company says.

Because the fan drive responds directly to the engine’s cooling needs, average fan speed is lower. According to BorgWarner, that means more available horsepower, better fuel economy, lower noise and improved driver comfort.



Wide-Base Long, Regional-Haul Tires

Goodyear has announced the introduction of its G392 SSD drive and G394 SST trailer wide-base tires for long-haul and regional-haul applications.

The new wide-base tires, which feature Fuel Max Technology, offer flat protection, because of Goodyear’s exclusive DuraSeal Technology, a gel-like inner liner which is said to instantly seal punctures of up to 1⁄4-in. in the repairable area of the tread. DuraSeal does not seal sidewall punctures.

According to Goodyear, the tire’s nine-rib design, with eight wide, circumferential grooves, provides all-season traction in dry, wet and snowy conditions. Combined with its deep, 25/32-in. tread depth for long initial tire life, the tire tested with superior results in wet and dry traction at Goodyear’s test facility in San Angelo, Texas, and snow performance testing in Minnesota, according to the company.

The G392 SSD is available in load range “L” in a 445/50R22.5 size.

Featuring a five-rib design with minimal blades, the G394 SST has tread compounding for SmartWay verification and long miles to removal. The G394 SST is available in load range “L” in a 445/50R22.5 size. Goodyear will offer matching retreads for both the G392 SSD and G394 SST.



CushionGrip Screwdriver Line

SK Hand Tool’s new CushionGrip screwdriver line features a dual durometer handle providing a soft, secure grip due to a proprietary “thumb valley” positioned at the bottom of the handle in three places.

The handle design also features an identifying stamp at the top that signifies the screwdriver style and size.

Other features include a vapor-blasted long-life tip and a heavy-duty chrome-vanadium steel shaft plated with nickel chrome for corrosion protection.

Standard sizes are available, along with extra-long reach shafts and stubbies.

The high-torque screwdrivers come in a wide variety of 7-, 6-, 5- and 4-piece sets.

SK Hand Tool


Reverse Thread Chaser Product

Chase ‘Em Back Tools has announced the creation of a hinged reverse thread chaser product.

The heavy-duty Pro 60 line is designed for repairing spindles, studs and other threaded products, and Chase ‘Em Back says the thread chaser has a Rockwell hardness of 60.

The reserve thread chaser is wrapped around bolts or studs and, according to the company, repairs the threads after being screwed into a fastener.

The reverse thread chasers range from ½ in. to 4-½ in., and are held together by a socket or T-handle.

Chase ‘Em Back


Improved Trailer Aerodynamics System

SmartTruck has introduced the second generation of its UT-6 Trailer UnderTray System.

According to the company, the new UT-6 UnderTray System includes redesigned components that are higher off the ground and allow the sled to be independent of the suspension system. The redesigned system also reduces the size of the rear diffuser, allowing the suspension system to travel to the full rearward position.

The redesigned components, along with a more universal hardware package, are said to combine for easier installation on a wide range of trailer models, cutting installation time to less than two shop hours per system.

Along with increased fuel efficiency, a secondary benefit of the UnderTray System is cooler operating temperatures around the brake, tire and wheel assemblies due to increased airflow under the trailer, the company says.



Brushless Fuel Pump

Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed an electrical brushless diesel fuel pump for on- and off-highway engines.

The technology suits 12V and 24V applications and is available for diesel engines typically used in the medium- and heavy-duty on-highway sector and in the construction, stationary, marine and agricultural sectors.

With electronic commutation to drive the DC motor, the company’s non-contact technology is said to be more durable than a conventional pump even when mounted directly on the engine.

The pump’s electrically-driven design also reduces the load placed on the engine when compared to conventional belt or gear driven pumps, Federal-Mogul says.

The electrical brushless motor’s universal design also is said to be easy to install in existing fuel pump packages to replace current brush-style motors. The design enables the product to readily enhance the life of an engine in service and reduce maintenance expenses, the company says.

Federal Mogul


Handheld Diagnostic Tool

The new Blue-Point Pocket iQ (EEHD181030S) is a handheld diagnostic tool that can be used for all commercial vehicles from light-duty to Class 8 trucks.

Powered by Nexiq, this scan claims to be a productivity and efficiency enhancer.

Features and benefits include:

• For medium- and heavy-duty trucks: reads active fault codes; reads and clears inactive fault codes; monitors J1708 and J1939 engine, brake and transmission data

• For light-duty trucks: reads active fault codes; reads and clears inactive fault codes; monitors OBD II engine data

• Reporting tools enable technicians to save vehicle diagnostic and fleet performance information in PDF or text format. Reports can be printed to a standard PCL3 printer or trans ferred to a memory stick

• Port allows for future updates/ upgrades and provides the ability to download reports to your memory stick



Rite-Blend Coolant Dye

Tracer Products has introduced its new TP-3940 Dye-Lite Rite-Blend blended fluorescent leak detection dye, which it says can be used for extended-life and conventional coolants.

Approved by General Motors, this specially formulated dye will not affect the color of extended-life coolants, Tracer says. This helps to avoid improper mixing and possible damage to the cooling system. Rite-Blend dye also can be used with any fluorescent leak detection lamp.

According to Tracer, Rite-Blend dye reveals even the smallest leaks in cooling systems. Just add a small amount to a system and allow it to circulate. Wherever the coolant leaks out, so does the dye, which remains at the site of each leak.

When the system is scanned with a Tracerline inspection lamp, the dye glows a bright green to show the exact location of all leaks, the company says.

Tracer Products


High-Performance Brake Linings

Marathon Brake has released a new, premium-grade brake lining rated for 20,000 lb. axle loads called HeatStar20.

Part of Marathon’s flagship premium HeatStar line, HS20 is a high-performance premium brake lining that the company says is designed to provide the longest service life of any brake lining in its class.

These linings are designed for a wide range of over-the-road hauling applications.

Marathon’s HeatStar20 formulation provides a long-life friction material the company says lowers cost per mile and reduces overall brake maintenance costs.

HS20 meets federal regulations for brake effectiveness, fade and recovery in accordance with FMVSS 121 test procedure. According to Marathon, the HS20 also features a high-density friction formulation.

The high-density friction is said to improve the lining’s ability to efficiently handle heat, which is the most critical component in a friction material’s fade, recovery and wear. Higher density friction materials are capable of holding more heat energy, allowing for more efficient heat dissipation.

Additionally, the company says the high-density formula provides a stronger structural integrity, making linings less likely to crack in service as well improved resistance to brake fade and water fade.

Marathon Brake


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