Dana upgrades app

photoDana Holding Corporation says it has upgraded its free Spicer iPhone and iPad applications with nine additional technical calculators to aid aftermarket customers in making accurate and efficient repairs.

In addition to the fuel savings, driveshaft revolutions per minute (RPM), and driveline angle calculators offered in earlier versions, Dana says it has added calculators to convert cubic inches and liters and to configure tire height, torsional analysis, horsepower and torque, vehicle speed, rod ratio, engine displacement, gear ratio and engine RPM.

Several of the new calculators – such as those measuring engine displacement, RPM, vehicle speed, and horsepower and torque – can be used by auto enthusiasts interested in the power of an engine. Consumers can measure a vehicle’s engine displacement by pinpointing the vehicle’s engine cylinder bore area, stroke of the crankshaft and the number of cylinders. The calculator then relays the overall volume of air displaced by the engine in both imperial and metric figures.

In order to calculate the potential engine RPM of an automobile, the Spicer apps offer three separate calculators to identify the axle gear ratio, the tire height, and the vehicle speed – the three numbers needed to determine RPM.

Looking beyond engine power, one of the most complex tools included in the upgraded app is Dana’s torsional analysis calculator. By plugging in data, such as the slope and angle of the vehicle’s axle and driveshafts, Dana’s torsional analysis calculator can examine possible torsional and inertial level problems caused by the vehicle’s driveline installation. This calculator saves the customer trial-and-error time of trying to reduce vibration issues by guiding drivers toward the necessary figures to remedy the problem.

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