Rotary Lift announces product improvements

Rotary Lift says its fastest vehicle lift just got bigger. The company has expanded its productivity-enhancing Shockwave offerings beyond 10,000 lb. capacity for the first time to 12,000 lbs., making it possible to service pickups, work trucks and vans faster than ever.

Rotary Lift says the changes come from the company’s decision to include its SPO12 two-post lift in its Shockwave product offering.

The SPO12 features a symmetric design that keeps a vehicle’s center of gravity directly between the columns for maximum stability while performing repairs, the company says. Equipped with the Shockwave package, the SPO12 can lift a vehicle weighing up to 12,000 lbs. 80 in. in just 25 seconds and lower it in 19 seconds. This is twice as fast as any other lift’s rise and descent, which means technicians can complete more jobs each day using a Shockwave-equipped SPO12, the company says.

“Since we introduced Shockwave-equipped lifts at AAIW in 2011, demand has been outstanding,” says David Fischmer, marketing manager for Vehicle Service Group, Rotary Lift’s parent company. “With the popularity of trucks in the United States, our customers have been asking for higher-capacity Shockwave-equipped lifts. The SPO12 is a great choice for servicing a wide variety of vehicles, up to and including some Class 3 trucks. A technician using a Shockwave-equipped SPO12 can get to work at the same time technicians using a standard lift are still standing around waiting for the lift to go up. It is an incredible time saver.”

Shockwave’s speed is made possible in part by its DC power unit, Rotary Lift says. Shockwave-equipped lifts are battery operated with a built-in charger, which eliminates the need for expensive 220V wiring. Getting the vehicle positioned on the lift also is easier with Shockwave-equipped lifts thanks to their Spotline laser spotting guide. Spotline projects a green laser line into the middle of the bay. To center a vehicle, the technician simply lines up the middle of the hood or dash with the laser line and drives onto the lift, Rotary Lift says.

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