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Noregon has announced the recipients of its Fall 2022 scholarships. Students enrolled in institutions that are part of the Education Program are eligible to apply for scholarships each semester.

Noregon says its Education Program is a free service for post high-school diesel programs that provides institutions and its students with training resources, discounted Noregon purchases, and free access to the leading diagnostic and repair applications they will use in their careers.

Noregon says it is pleased to recognize the following students for the hard work and dedication to their education that led to them receiving a scholarship:

  • Adalberto Cervantes (Fresno City College) – The second-year student takes any opportunity to soak up knowledge by seeking out additional training and educational opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • Dennis Futrell (Forsyth Technical Community College) – Growing up with a passion for working on larger equipment, Dennis plans to use his training one day to help local farmers repair their equipment.
  • Emanuel Marquez Bautista (Fresno City College) – Emanuel is ready to tackle the environmental crisis head on by helping fleets make their vehicles and equipment as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Gage Pfeifer (Wabash Valley College) – Though he is currently enrolled in school, Gage does not lack industry experience; he once helped a former Wabash Valley student completely rebuild a diesel engine. 
  • Hayden Hiatt (Southeast Community College) – Always seeking an opportunity to learn, Hayden enrolled in the diesel program at SCC because he was already familiar with the automotive industry and wanted to learn more about diesel and heavy equipment.
  • Joseph Cologne (Central New Mexico Community College) – The former professional driver is now getting his hands dirty in the shop where he has a knack for diagnosing electronic issues and helping to build a safe working environment for himself and other techs.
  • Mason Sutphin (Advanced Technology Institute) – Mason fell in love with heavy-duty trucks when he entered a diesel career program in the 10th grade. At 18-years old, Mason already brings a year of experience and an unrivaled work ethic to the diesel program.
  • Matthew Brooks (Oconee Fall Line Technical College) – A former instructor in military and civilian leadership roles, Matthew has a unique desire to learn everything he can and share that knowledge with his coworkers and associates.
  • Morgan Fitch (Bellingham Technical College) – Morgan brings a lot of experience to the classroom and has a deep understanding of diagnosing sensor and electric issues. Armed with knowledge and compassion, Morgan stated “My goal is to help people, to fix one problem in their life so they can focus on the bigger [problems].” Additionally, Morgan is a two-time recipient of a Noregon Education Program scholarship after being awarded one in the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Nolan Beisiegel (Ferris State University) – Nolan keenly recognizes the opportunities available in the industry and a need for younger technicians to join the work force, so he enjoys introducing the career path to younger people.
  • Robert Hummel (Ferris State University) – A former member of the United States Army, Robert recognizes the difficulty in getting your foot in the door as a young professional and is motivated to help people discover what they are good at and turn it into a career.
  • Ryan Stewart (Southeast Community College) – Ryan has already learned a lesson that will make him immensely more successful in his career, stating, “Even after we graduate, our training is never completed. A tech should be learning something new almost every day.”
  • Tevin Beatty (James Sprunt Community College) – Tevin is a go-getter who recognizes the increasing need for computer-assisted diagnostics but has an old-school love of crawling under the truck, turning wrenches, and getting dirty.
  • Valentino Briones (Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Clarksville/Dickson) – A family man to his core, Valentino is back in school pursuing a diesel career to show his three sons how important education is if you want to reach your goals. Valentino hopes to one day share his knowledge with others as a diesel instructor.
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