Autel announces DOT tire integration for tool

Autel US announced this week that its MaxiTPMS ITS600 tablet offers DOT tire registration via an integrated CIMS E-Tire registration feature.

The 2014 Fast Act that aims to get recalled tires off the road requires tire resellers to register new tires on the customer's behalf or provide customers with a postcard containing the tire identification number (TIN) to mail to the tire manufacturer, Autel says. The fines to the tire dealer for failing to provide this safety service increased substantially this year, up to a reported $22,329 for a single violation. 

Autel partnered with CIMS, an industry leader in tire registration for over 50 years, to enable ITS600 users to quickly complete the TIN registration for its customers directly from the tablet. A CIMS subscription is required. The tire registration enables the tire manufacturer to contact the customers if a tire is recalled, the companies says.

The ITS600 makes the tire registration process easy. Autel says the technician taps the Tire DOT app, selects Tire Register, chooses the tire manufacturer from the dropdown list, inputs the Tire identification number (TIN) for each tire, enters the customer contact information, and taps submit. That's it, your shop complies with the law, and your customer drives off with an added feeling of security, knowing that he will be contacted if the manufacturer issues a recall. 

The ITS600 DOT app also enables technicians to perform additional tire safety inspections on installed vehicle tires, including determining tire age and recall status. The tablet uses optical recognition with its camera to identify the tire age — tires that are six years and older should be replaced regardless of appearance—and to check the TIN against the tire recall database, the company says. 

The ITS600 is an Android-based wireless touchscreen tablet that performs complete TPMS service from activation and diagnostics to 1-Sensor programming and sensor ID Relearn. 

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