TruckLabs launches third generation of its TruckWings

TruckLabs has launched the third generation of its flagship product TruckWings — an active aerodynamic device that automatically closes the gap between the cab and trailer at highway speeds to reduce drag and save 4-6 percent on fuel.

Better truck aerodynamics from TruckWings is an “all of the above” approach, improving the efficiency of trucks across all fuel sources of diesel, natural gas, hydrogen and electric. Diesel trucks benefit from lower fuel costs and lower emissions, the company says. 

Alternative fuel trucks decrease their cost per mile, but also benefit from significant range extension, which is a critical barrier, in particular for electric truck adoption.

Fleets can trust TruckWings’ performance, because each unit has live telematics tracking uptime and flagging any exceptions. Through automated reporting, fleets can track exact fuel and carbon savings by truck or route, the company says.

This reporting enabled TruckLabs to combine learnings from 500 million miles with countless hours of OEM input and collaboration back into this third-generation product including:

  • Installation time has been reduced from eight hours to two hours by lifting a pre-assembled system directly to the back of the cab. This modularity also enables TruckWings to be quickly transferred from one truck to another as fleets upgrade or even switch OEM.
  • Sensors and wire harnesses have been repositioned and hardened to IP67 standards
  • OEM-level shaker plate test of over 1.3 million miles validated the mount system strength
  • Side hinges have been doubled and spaced to distribute high cross wind loads more evenly
  • New, flexible edges allow for minor contact without damage
  • The hinge units now have a quick-service hinge unit with a sub 10-minute installation. Hinge service is recommended at 300,000 miles, which helps TruckWings remain effective for one million miles or more

“TruckWings have achieved millions of gallons of fuel savings for our customers to date,” says TruckLabs CEO Daniel Burrows. “With the release of our third-generation platform, we’re excited to extend these fuel savings to any fleet, any tractor, and any fuel type. We have significantly decreased TruckWings’ installation time and total cost, and enhanced durability and longevity, so that fleets can realize fuel savings benefits faster and longer. Through TruckWings and our other product TripDynamics, a fuel-saving driver engagement technology, we’re delivering on our goal to innovate the trucking industry through technology, helping to create a more sustainable future for the commercial transportation industry.”

TruckWings’ third-generation platform is now available for pre-order from your truck dealer for installation at your chosen modification center.        

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