A highlighted APU on a truck with the caption 'Truck Energy Storage System One-stop Solution Home-Like Truck Cab'

RoyPow debuted its all-electric truck energy storage system at the Mid-America Trucking Show on Thursday. 

The Truck ESS replaces traditional diesel-powered APUs to power in-cab comfort in an environmentally safe, clean and reliable solution, RoyPow says. It is a 48-volt all-electric system powered by LiFePO4 lithium batteries, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing maintenance. 

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"We are not doing things the same way as the traditional APU, we are trying to solve current APU shortcomings with our innovative one-stop system," says Vice President Michael Li, RoyPow Technology. "This renewable Truck ESS will significantly improve the drivers work environment and quality of life on the road, as well as reducing total cost of ownership for the truck owners." 

It features a variable-speed HVAC with a battery pack, intelligent alternator, a converter, an optional solar panel and an optional all-in-one inverter. The ESS captures energy from the truck's alternator or solar panel to store in the lithium batteries, providing both AC and DC power to run the climate control and other high power accessories such as a coffee maker, electric stove and more. The shower power option can be used when it's available from an external source at truck stops or service areas. 

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Drivers can remotely turn the HVAC system on and off or manage energy usage from mobile phones anytime, anywhere. The system is built to withstand shocks and vibrations from standard road usage and extreme weather conditions. 

The Truck ESS charges in as few as two hours and can be installed in two hours.   

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