Rotary Lift bringing back Jack

Rotary Jack is Back!After a 75-year hiatus, Rotary Jack is back. Complete with the pinstriped coveralls, bow tie and peaked cap mechanics wore in the 1940s, the smiling Rotary Jack character will once again present the technician’s point of view for Rotary products.

Back in the day, Rotary Jack was used in literature, ads and other print applications to point out all of the features of a Rotary Lift product. The company says he embodied product excellence, value, and experience–all of the qualities Rotary still represents today.

“Digging through the archives to do a Rotary pictorial history for the website, the marketing team ran across Rotary Jack and just fell in love with him,” says David Fischmer, director of marketing for Rotary parent company Vehicle Service Group. “Like the Rotary products he represents, Jack has stood the test of time. Everything he represented back then is still who we are today, so we are dusting off the character a little bit and bringing him back.

Rotary Jack will make his first appearance on the Rotary Wheel Service Road Show truck that will soon be touring the country.

“The phrase ‘Rotary Jack says…’ will play a role in Rotary promotions in the near future,” adds Fischmer. “He’s a fun way for us to draw attention to the benefits of Rotary products from the technicians’ perspective.”

To see historical print promotions that featured Rotary Jack, visit

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