Seeva introduces washer fluid heating system

Washer Fluid Heating SystemSeeva Technologies introduced its SeevaTherm washer fluid heating system for commercial vehicles. After raising $2.1 million worth of investment capital, the startup company plans to launch the system by year-end 2018.

The SeevaTherm washer fluid heater splices into the engine coolant line to capture and route the heat through a sealed passage in the aluminum cylinder. Washer fluid is routed through the cylinder and is heated by the engine coolant to 7,500 watts power-equivalent and more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit before being dispensed at 120 degrees to melt snow and ice and better remove bugs, dirt and other road debris on the windshield.

Seeva’s washer fluid heating system is currently in the market as a retrofit on the New York State Department of Transportations’ fleet of International medium-duty snow plow vehicles. As part of a 10-year service contract, Navistar will supply NYSDOT with the heating systems factory-installed on new International truck orders.

Diane Lansinger, CEO and co-founder, says the SeevaTherm system has broader applications beyond windshield defrosting, including cleaning of a truck’s cameras and sensors.

“Vehicles 10 to 15 years from now will have dozens of sensors on them all parsing data about their environments,” says Lansinger,” adding the SeevaTherm can clean sensors anywhere washer fluid is routed and dispensed on the vehicle to improve camera and sensor visibility and functionality for advanced driver assistance system components.

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