Bendix online brake school celebrates milestones

bendix logoImagine a fan-packed Dodger Stadium – with 4,000 more people standing outside. That’s about 60,000 people, roughly the same as the number of registered users at the Bendix On-Line Brake School, which is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its launch this month, according to the company.

“When we unveiled in March of 2013, we wanted to make Bendix’s extensive knowledge database and technical resources available to provide around-the-clock, easily accessible training that would benefit almost anyone in the commercial vehicle industry,” says Barbara Gould, director of corporate communications at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC. “With today’s technologies serving as the foundation for future advancements, providing technical knowledge across all levels – from owner-operators to distributors, fleet technicians, and drivers – is more crucial than ever to keeping vehicles on the road and in good, safe operating condition.”

As a leader in the development and manufacture of leading-edge active safety and braking system technologies for commercial vehicles, Bendix has long recognized the role that up-to-date, relevant training plays in highway safety. The company’s history as a leader in providing technical know-how dates back more than a half-century, and its in-person Bendix Brake Training School is among the industry’s longest-running educational programs. Over the past 10 years, Bendix experts have guided in excess of 100,000 people to successful completion of in-person and computer-driven training efforts, according to an announcement.

Just as the pathway to safer vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems is built on current components and technologies – such as air compressors and dryers, air disc brakes, sensors, full stability, and collision mitigation – the base knowledge for effective maintenance tomorrow is a thorough understanding of what’s on the road today. Even the commercial vehicle industry’s most cutting-edge technologies still rely on the proper upkeep of lower-level systems like tires, brake friction, and valves – and covers the entire landscape:

  • Air disc brakes
  • Air dryers
  • Compressors
  • Electronic safety systems (including side object detection, diagnostics, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring, stability, and collision mitigation)
  • Foundation drum brakes
  • Slack adjusters
  • Trailer safety systems
  • Valves

Additional courses cover highway safety; compliance, safety, accountability (CSA); and reduced stopping distance (RSD). The Bendix On-Line Brake School also offers a complete air brake training course that complements its in-person Brake Training School and is recommended for those planning to attend one of the sessions.

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