Minimizer releases white paper, video on impact of driver fatigue

Minimizer has published a white paper and released a new video addressing the risks associated with driver fatigue and the importance of driver comfort products, such as the company’s new mattress, in keeping drivers alert and performing at their best.

In the new white paper, Minimizer writes when a truck driver is suffering from fatigue there can be dire consequences. While there is no agreement on how to directly measure the role of fatigue in accidents involving trucks, Minimizer says the National Transportation Safety Board estimates that fatigue played a role in 20 percent of the truck-related accidents it investigated in 2015.

Minimizer goes on to address different tactics and products drivers can use that can improve their health and reduce instances of fatigue. Among those products are high-quality seats and mattresses, where a driver will spend the majority of their time. “The right mattress coupled with the right seat will ensure the driver is well rested and stays alert throughout the day,” the company says.

In the associated video, Minimizer speaks with Dr. Kelly Nesvold, who speaks to the short- and long-term health effects of quality rest for a commercial truck driver.

The company adds both the educational materials and its associated products come from Minimizer’s commit to the end users it serves.

“Minimizer was started by a truck driver and has started a movement to #RespectTheDriver with premium well deserved in-cab features that focus on health and safety,” says Steve Hansen, Minimizer marketing director.

“We’ve noticed gaps in the product offering with respect to high quality options for driver comfort.  The reaction from drivers at trade shows and on social media has been incredible. That I know of, this is the first seat and mattress actually specified by drivers and doctors instead of OEM manufacturer engineers.  It’s no surprise drivers absolutely love the product.”

To download the white paper, please CLICK HERE.


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