Ancra Cargo X Treme Grip Tire Chains 2018 08 09 09 52Ancra says its new three X-Treme Grip Tire Chains are designed to provide added strength, durability and stability when driving in extreme weather conditions such as freezing rain, ice and snow.

According to Ancra, the V-bar tire chains have a plated silver zinc finish, and each twist-link cross-chain is outfitted with V-bar studs that bite into ice for added traction on frozen roads. Heavy-duty studded tire chains are preferred for off-road applications such as logging and navigating treacherous terrain. Square link tire chains are coated with a protective plated silver zinc finish and should be used when highway conditions consist of snow and ice, the company says.

All the chains are available in a single- or triple-chain alternative; the V-Bar and studded tire chains are 8mm, while the square link tire chains are 7mm. Tensioning cams allow for quicker installation and adjustment. Each set of chains ship in a reusable storage container with a tensioning tool included. All triples include one chain per pail; two pails make a complete set, the company says,

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