Dinex releases OneBox exhaust solution for American aftermarket

Updated Oct 15, 2020

Dinex releases OneBox exhaust solution for American aftermarket

Exhaust and emission manufacturer Dinex releases a unique OneBox exhaust solution used on Freightliner and Western Star trucks for the American after­market including a 3-year warranty. The new patented OneBox contains high technology catalysts and particulate filters in a quality equivalent to or better than OE solutions, the company says.

Reducing emissions on your existing truck fleet has never been easier with the launch of the new Dinex OneBox — a true game changer on the American aftermarket, Dinex says.

The Dinex OneBox, a two-year long collaboration between Dinex’s OEM and Aftermarket developers, comes with a patented combination of diesel oxidation catalyst, selective catalyst reduction technology and a particulate filters — all components of a superior quality superseding existing solution for the OE market. And at a very competitive price.

Thus the Dinex OneBox reduces the need for time-consuming retrofitting of multiple spare parts, paving the way for not only lower emissions but also a better fuel consumption, the company says.

“We are thrilled to launch our first complete aftertreatment solution for the American aftermarket. We firmly believe that we are introducing a quite unique product, which also elevating Dinex into a new level as a one-stop-supplier,” says Dinex Group CEO Torben Dinesen.

With an investment of more than $2 million the OneBox is the largest and most complex aftermarket R&D project ever conducted in the history of Dinex. Comprising of two years and 5.000 hours to develop, bringing together specialists from both Dinex’ OEM and Aftermarket divisions across multiple countries.

With an investment of 32 tooling’s a dedicated production line in Dublin, Ga., has been installed to assemble the system in the most optimal and efficient way.

The system is structurally designed to match or exceed OE performances, and all manufacturing is done in-house. Dinex has developed a unique patented concept for the OneBox as the only one in the aftermarket industry. This feature ensures no OE patents are infringed upon, a common practice amongst other competitors in the American aftermarket, Dinex says.

“After being a part of Dinex for 30 years, it is a great pleasure to witness the result of such a large scale R&D project for our aftermarket clients. As with our OEM emission systems, the OneBox reduces NOx and other emissions down to a level, where the exhaust air is cleaner than the air we breathe,” says Dinesen.

Field & laboratory tests, computer aided engineering (CAE) simulations and validations have been done on durability and emission performance to make sure that we have structural and performance stability throughout the entire lifetime of the engine.

“The American truck owners get a solution, which, in terms of quality match or exceeds the OE product, but at a competitive price. Additionally, they get a complete solution with catalysts, filter, clamps and gaskets. Basically, all you need in OneBox. To top it we are also able to offer the complete NOx and temperature sensor program for the OneBox solution,” says Per H. Larsen.

The OneBox can be used in Freightliner and Western Star trucks with DD13/DD15/DD16 Detroit Diesel engines from 2010 model trucks (EPA10).

Contains two diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), two diesel particle filters (DPF), two selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and two ammonia slip catalysts (ASC). Clamps and gaskets are included.

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