Industry Roundup

Updated Jan 3, 2012

The Industry’s Associations and Organizations

There are numerous resources to help aftermarket businesses be more productive, efficient and profitable. Associations, organizations and trade shows all contribute to the aftermarket’s success through agenda-setting dialogue, networking and product/service knowledge and training.

Following is Truck Parts & Service magazine’s annual roundup of the industry’s associations, organizations and shows.

Acofas Untitled 1ACOFAS

The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists is an association of independent heavy-duty repair facilities with the goal of providing the most relevant and high quality technician training programs at the lowest cost possible. The association conducts two or more two-day training clinics each year.

Past ACOFAS clinics focused on: single- and two-plate clutch maintenance; wheel-end torque and dial indicating; advancements in lubricants and coolants; extended-life hub sealed bearing units; king pin maintenance; fuel emission advancements; electric-hybrid technology; torque multiplier maintenance; CSA inspection and reporting procedures; and electronic vehicle diagnostics.

Contact: Gordon Botts

Phone: 800/822-6887



Ads Untitled 1ADS

The Association of Diesel Specialists has served the diesel fuel injection, governor, turbocharger and related systems industry since 1956, with current membership spanning the United States, Canada, Mexico and 58 other countries.

At its annual international convention, industry leaders address trends and present new ideas on service and technology. The latest state-of-the-art products are showcased in an exhibit setting. ADS programs include: the ADS Nationwide Warranty, which assures warranty repair for mobile equipment operators at participating member shops; Parts Finder, an online source for buying and selling surplus parts; and roster of technical training tools.

Contact: David Fehling

Phone: 913/345-0288




The Association of Equipment Management Professionals is an organization for fleet executives who manage off-road construction, forestry, municipal government, utilities, gas and oil exploration, solid waste, mining, commercial farming and aviation ground equipment.

It created the Equipment Triangle philosophy, which is defined as the continuing relationship between the end users, manufacturer/supplier and the local distributor throughout a product’s life cycle.

The Triangle Philosophy is the driving force behind all of the association’s educational programs, including national conferences, online learning and three certification programs.

Contact: Stan Orr

Phone: 970/384-0510



Aera Untitled 1AERA

The Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association provides machine shop members with the resources machinists need to focus on building engines.

Programs include a toll-free technical hotline and a monthly resource mailing. AERA also offers training videos and books, engine specification and business management software, promotional materials and shop aids, a nationwide discounted shipping program, a technical program in Spanish, a presence in Washington D.C. and an annual convention.

Contact: John Goodman

Phone: 847/541-6550



Apra Untitled 1APRA

The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association serves more than 1,000 members worldwide who are engaged in remanufacturing motor vehicle parts. APRA recently formed the Heavy Duty Remanufacturers Group. Its website,, lists complete details about 300 remanufacturers of heavy-duty products worldwide.

APRA sponsors the international “BIG ‘R’ Show.” This annual event encourages networking and exposes remanufacturers to new products, equipment and services. There are numerous workshops and seminars at the event. APRA has a virtual tradeshow online at

APRA recently developed the Reman Toolbox, which is a collection of more than 30 services.

APRA provides a number of training opportunities, including an average of nine, two-day technical clinics on particular product lines each year, covering heavy-duty brakes, transmissions, clutches and electrical systems.

Contact: William C. Gager

Phone: 703/968-2772



Ase Untitled 1ASE

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence was established in 1972 to improve the quality of vehicle service and repair through the voluntary testing of technician competency. Today there are more than 350,000 ASE-certified professionals.

ASE certification tests are grouped into specialties for auto, medium/heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus and collision repair technicians as well as alternate fuel technicians, parts specialists and service consultants.

Upon passing at least one test and after providing proof of two years of relevant work experience, the technician becomes ASE-certified.

The organization produces a newsletter for certified professionals, The Blue Seal Tech News; holds an annual meeting and offers a wide range of products to help shop owners promote the fact that ASE-certified technicians are employed by their shops.

Contact: Tony Molla

Phone: 703/669-6614



Atd Untitled 1ATD

American Truck Dealers is the commercial truck division of the National Automobile Dealers Association. It was founded in 1970 to serve as the voice of America’s truck dealers and offers profit-building management ideas, government and industry relations advocacy and programs to increase personal financial security.

ATD 20 Groups, a dealer-focused business development program, provide dealers with financial analyses of their operations and opportunities to work with non-competing dealers to increase the profitability of their businesses.

The ATD Truck Dealer Academy is now in its 20th year of training truck dealer successors and professional managers.

The annual Dealer Attitude Survey of both manufacturers and suppliers uncovers attitudes toward industry issues. Dealer concerns then are communicated directly to manufacturers and suppliers.

The annual convention allows attendees to listen to nationally recognized industry leaders and participate in management workshops, as well as see the latest equipment and services.

Contact: Bert Hulgrave, Barbara Robinson

Phone: 800/352-6232



Cdss Untitled 1CDSS

The Charlotte Diesel Super Show is a unique experiential, outdoor event that attracts industry guests from both the trucking and construction industries. It is a two-day event that combines industry exhibits, hands-on demonstrations, ride and drives, truck drag racing, a country music concert and the Pride & Polish Truck Beauty Contest.

In 2011, the CDSS attracted nearly 10,000 industry personnel and truck and construction enthusiasts.

Contact: Alan Sims

Phone: 888/349-4287



Ctea Untitled 1CTEA

The Canadian Transportation Equipment Association represents manufacturers of truck chassis, truck equipment, truck bodies, final stage vocational trucks, trailers and specialty vehicles. Other members include dealers, distributors, parts and equipment suppliers, service providers and engineering/testing firms.

Dealing with federal and provincial regulators, CTEA provides support services for its members, including lobbying, testing programs and data for regulatory compliance.

Contact: Don Moore

Phone: 519/631-0414



Commercial Vehicle Untitled 1CVOC

The Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference is held prior to the annual Great American Trucking Show. The 2011 CVOC attracted more than 350 executive level industry thought leaders from across the country, representing some of the country’s largest fleets, truck manufacturers, dealers and industry suppliers.

With an unmatched program of informative sessions, key speakers and networking opportunities, it is quickly becoming the must attend event for trucking industry executives.

Contact: Alan K. Sims

Phone: 888/349-4287



Cvsn Untitled 1CVSN

The Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network, formed on Jan. 1, 2006, is the largest independent aftermarket distributor governed organization that brings members from all the major industry marketing groups and supplier companies together.

CVSN represents close to 80 of the top independent heavy-duty aftermarket distributors in the industry, operating 500 locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

CVSN is a one-third owner of the annual Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week event and provides an industry-wide Aftermarket Distribution Summit every September for professional development, legislative awareness and business networking and opportunities.

Contact: Angelo Volpe

Phone: 904/737-2900




The Intelligent Vehicle Electronics Technology Council is a technical council comprised of engineering executives from HDMA member companies. This council focuses on the needs of heavy-duty electrical and electronics manufacturers regarding government representation and industry testing standards design compatibility issues.

The main goal of 4TEC is to provide input to the various regulatory agencies regarding rule making and to collectively serve as a technical resources to each other and government agencies when required.

Contact: Jennifer Hjalmquist

Phone: 919/406-8823



Gats Untitled 1GATS

The Great American Trucking Show is quickly becoming one of the largest medium- and heavy-duty trucking events.

Attendees of the 2012 show will be able to meet face-to-face with hundreds of exhibiting companies representing major truck and trailer OEMs, as well as suppliers of components, parts and services.

As part of “Intersection 2012,” next year’s show will include not only exhibits, but also educational sessions, entertainment opportunities and the nation’s most prestigious truck beauty contest, the Custom Rigs Pride & Polish National Championship.

Additionally, other industry associations will have meetings that run concurrently with GATS. The Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference and Successful Dealer Development workshops will be held prior to and during the show.

Contact: Alan K. Sims

Phone: 888/349-4287



Gta Untitled 1GTA

An affiliate division of the NTEA, The Green Truck Association was established in recognition of the growing interest in and demand for green products within the work truck industry.

GTA helps fleets, manufacturers, upfitters, government agencies and other industry stakeholders stay up-to-date with relevant regulatory and industry developments, while also helping to expand and improve the market for sustainable truck applications.

The association offers members information on green trucks and technology developments; legislative, regulatory and funding initiatives; market data and technical resources; and green truck products and initiatives.

Contact: Jim Hamilton

Phone: 800/441-6832



Gwts Untitled 1GWTS

The Great West Truck Show is the largest trucking show dedicated to serving the western United States. In 2012, attendees can expect to interface with leading truck, trailer manufacturers, as well as suppliers of components, parts and services geared toward medium- and heavy-duty trucking.

In addition to exhibits, attendees can attend educational seminars held by the California Trucking Association and enjoy a focus on environmental issues and how carriers can overcome challenges posed by regulations and the economy.

Contact: Alan K. Sims

Phone: 888/349-4287




Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week is the largest North American gathering of the independent heavy-duty industry. More than 1,700 managers and executives from 15 countries — including distributors, manufacturers, service providers, educators and media — attended the 2011 conference in Las Vegas.

HDAW is organized by CVSN, HDDA and HDMA, and is presented by a joint operating committee composed of industry leaders from ACOFAS, ADS, AEA, APRA/HDRG, CVSN, HDA Truck Pride, HDDA, HDMA, ITPA, OAC, Power HD, SSA, TARA and VIPAR Heavy Duty

HDAW is designed to bring together all stakeholders in the heavy-duty aftermarket distribution channel. The strategic intent of HDAW is to serve as a program and venue for multiple aftermarket associations and groups to hold annual meetings in conjunction with a first rate business conference.

Contact: Bill Glasgow

Phone: 708/226-1300




The Heavy Duty Brake Manufacturers Council is a technical council of the HDMA.

It provides technical feedback to regulatory agencies on proposed rules, monitors new regulations to provide feedback to the Department of Transportation and collaborates with various industry associations and other organizations to ensure government regulations are fair and objective.

Contact: Jennifer Hjalmquist

Phone: 919/406-8823



Hdda Untitled 1HDDA

The Heavy Duty Distribution Association serves aftermarket distributors and manufacturers of parts and services for commercial vehicles in North America.

HDDA provides members with market research capabilities, e-commerce standards, Washington representation, advocacy for industry issues, educational and training opportunities, communication between aftermarket distribution channels and specialized member services.

HDDA is a co-organizer of Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week.

Contact: Arlene Davis

Phone: 301/654-6664



Hddc Untitled 1HDDC

The Heavy Duty Distributor Council is a Canadian non-profit corporation organized to educate its members on the subjects of production, use, service, maintenance, repair and replacement of heavy-duty truck and trailer parts.

HDDC warehouse distributor members represent a complete range of original equipment chassis component/system manufacturers including light- medium- and heavy-duty truck and trailer accessories.

The association’s WDs support OE component warranty programs, offer and arrange on- and off-site technical training and help source hard-to-find parts through the HDCC network.

Contact: Al Tucker

Phone: 519/276-9002



Hdma Untitled 1HDMA

The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association is the industry’s primary advocate for members of the commercial vehicle supplier community. HDMA provides industry leadership for NAFTA-based, global commercial vehicle suppliers.

HDMA serves the commercial vehicle component supplier industry as a change agent, thought leader, industry advocate and as the voice of the industry to the government, OEM and aftermarket customers.

Contact: Timothy Kraus

Phone: 919/406-8835




HDMA Strategic Energy Council is comprised of executives, technical engineers and marketing professionals of HDMA member companies. This council focuses on expanding its members’ reach in Washington to influence current clean energy legislation and function as a proactive group to keep ahead of future energy-related regulations.

Contact: Jennifer Hjalmquist

Phone: 919/406-8847



Hdra Untitled 1HDRA

The Heavy Duty Representatives Association includes heavy-duty manufacturer representative agencies from across the United States and Canada. Member agencies market heavy-duty truck component parts both to the aftermarket and to original equipment manufacturers. The HDRA membership directory is organized alphabetically as well as by region, with a profile of each member agency.

Contact: Randy Brothers

Phone: 847/760-0067



Hdx Untitled 1HDX Services, Inc.

HDX connects distributors and manufacturers through standard technology platforms and forms. It is focused exclusively on offering e-commerce services to the heavy-duty industry.

HDX offers a commercial suite of electronic solutions for ordering, invoicing, inventory management, price file updates, website functionality and other customized services.

Solutions from HDX help heavy-duty distributors and manufacturers reduce operational costs and foster stronger trading partner relationships and include electronic data interchange, electronic pricing updates, HDX SiMAN and vendor managed inventory.

Contact: Edward Kuo

Phone: 616/682-9900



Intersection 2012

Intersection 2012 is where the future of the trucking industry is mapped out. The yearly event in Dallas brings together heavy-duty industry leaders to network, collaborate and debate the state of the trucking business.

The event features the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference, Great American Trucking Show and Successful Dealer development workshops, as well as hosts other industry leading associations with their meetings and events.

The pre-inaugural event launched last August hosted such industry associations as the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, Texas Motor Transportation Association, American Truck Dealers, National Trailer Dealers Association and the Truckload Carriers Association. In total some 47,000 plus industry personnel took part in all of the events.

The 2012 dates are August 22-25

Contact: Alan K. Sims

Phone: 888/349-4287



Itpa Untitled 1ITPA

The International Truck Parts Association was organized in 1974. Its members’ primary business is selling rebuilt, reconditioned and used components for heavy-duty trucks in the United States and abroad. Its business meetings are held annually in April and October.

Contact: Scott Tetz

Phone: 866/346-5692



Macs Untitled 1MACS

Founded in 1981, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society is the leading non-profit trade association for the mobile air conditioning, heating and engine cooling system segment of the automotive aftermarket.

Since 1991, MACS has assisted more than 600,000 technicians in complying with 1990 U.S. EPA Clean Air Act requirements for certification in refrigerant recovery and recycling.

MACS also provides information and services to more than 60,000 industry shops, suppliers and technicians. The society serves the industry through informational tools and publications, self-paced educational materials, leader-led training clinics, industry technical partnerships and other member services.

Contact: Marion Posen

Phone: 215/631-7020



Mats Untitled 1MATS

The Mid-America Trucking Show is one of the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry events in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Ky., the show attracts 70,000+ attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad.

The show offers attendees the opportunity to research the latest products and services, gain insight into current topics in the industry and network with attendees and exhibitors from around the world. For exhibiting companies, MATS offers a forum to introduce new offerings, increase brand awareness, promote products and connect with suppliers, customers and prospects.

Contact: Toby Young

Phone: 502/899-3892



Mera Untitled 1MERA

The Motor & Equipment Remanufacturers Association is a leading trade association in the motor vehicle parts remanufacturing industry. MERA is one of four market segment associations of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers.

The membership of MERA is comprised of the many businesses that make up the motor vehicle parts remanufacturing industry.

MERA’s mission is to advance the business interests of this network of remanufacturers, suppliers and service providers by providing a forum for members to address issues of common interest, serving as a resource for industry information and analysis, promoting the interests of the remanufacturing community and serving as a positive change agent for the industry.

Contact: John Chalifoux

Phone: (248) 750-1280



Narsa Untitled 1NARSA

NARSA, The International Heat Transfer Association was founded in 1954 to serve businesses in the cooling system service industries. Today, NARSA is a trade association that is a group of diversified businesses that provide services and products for heat exchange to a variety of industries including over-the-road trucking.

NARSA focuses on products such as radiators, condensers, coolers, chillers, oil-to-air coolers, air-to-air coolers, plate and fin and tube and shell heat exchangers. Its members engage in the maintenance, remanufacturing, fabricating, design, manufacturing, distributing, reselling and retailing of these products and services.

Contact: Wayne Juchno

Phone: 800/551-3232




NATSO is the trade association of America’s $65 billion travel plaza and truck stop industry. The association was founded in 1960 by truck-stop operators as a means of managing credit information on their mutual customers.

Today NATSO serves as North America’s official source of information on the diverse travel plaza and truck-stop industry; conducts an annual convention and trade show; acts as the voice of the industry in Washington D.C. on legislative and regulatory matters; and supports efforts to improve the business climate in which its member companies operate.

Contact: Kimberly Roberts

Phone: 703/549-2100



Ntda Untitled 1NTDA

The National Trailer Dealers Association was established in 1990 and currently represents more than 300 semi-trailer dealers and manufacturers throughout North America.

Its website,, is an industry resource providing information about NTDA membership and services.

Contact: Gwen Brown

Phone: 800/800-4552 or 810/229-5960



Ntea Untitled 1NTEA

Established in 1964, NTEA, the association for the work truck industry, represents nearly 1,600 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the association.

NTEA offers expert knowledge, technical support, strategic resources and business opportunities. In addition, it provides invaluable products and services to benefit members as well as their suppliers and customers.

The association is also well-known for annually producing The Work Truck Show.

Contact: Jim Hamilton

Phone: 800/441-6832




The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association serves more than 150 members worldwide who are engaged in remanufacturing engines as well as suppliers of cores, components or equipment to remanufacturers.

PERA’s annual conferences are designed to provide an arena for the development and sharing of ideas and experiences conducive to the advancement and improvement of the industry and individual businesses. The programs and tours stress the importance of communication between all industry levels and the general public, the necessity for continual education in order to remain alert to changing conditions in the international business scene and the significance of maintaining proper management philosophies.

PERA offers a series of educational webinars throughout the year. provides electronic billing of materials along with a collection of engine parts data.

Contact: Nancie J. Boland

Phone: 417/998-5057



Sae Untitled 11SAE

The Society of Automotive Engineers is a resource for technical information and expertise used in designing, building, maintaining and operating self-propelled vehicles. More than 84,000 engineers, business executives, educators and students form a network to share information and ideas.

SAE helps produce engineering standards and publishes thousands of technical papers and books.

Meetings such as the annual SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition provide opportunities to network and share information. SAE also offers a full complement of professional development activities such as seminars, workshops and continuing education programs.

Contact: Shawn Andreassi

Phone: 724/772-8522



Saa Untitled 11SSA

The Service Specialists Association represents owners and managers of independent repair and maintenance facilities, as well as manufacturers and suppliers to the heavy-duty independent service industry.

SSA’s goal is to provide a forum for the distribution of technical and business information. Networking with fellow members and suppliers, SSA participants have access to technical knowledge, business trends and the opportunity to solve problems. The group meets at an annual fall convention with keynote speakers, product profiles from suppliers, a tabletop display program, roundtable discussions and opportunities for networking.

Contact: Randy Brothers

Phone: 847/760-0067



Tara Untitled 1TARA

The Truck-frame & Axle Repair Association was formed in 1966 to promote the chassis alignment and frame-repair industry. Members repair heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers, chassis, frames, axles, housings and suspensions.

Each member is required to have the expertise and equipment to correct frames, axles, housings, balance tires and perform complete alignment procedures.

Associate memberships are encouraged for truck repair facilities, insurance companies, adjusters, appraisers, suppliers and others who are engaged in the heavy-duty repair industry.

TARA keeps members updated on current procedures and industry trends and also sponsors technician educational seminars.

Contact: Ken Dias

Phone: 877/735-1687




The Tire Industry Association is an international association representing all segments of the tire industry, including those that manufacture, repair, recycle, sell, service or use new or retreaded tires, and also those suppliers or individuals who furnish equipment, materials or services to the industry. It has a history that spans more than 80 years and includes several name changes.

Originally known as the National Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association, the organization gave birth over the years to the American Retreaders Association (ARA) and the Tire Association of North America (TANA). ARA changed its name to the International Tire & Rubber Association and merged with TANA in 2002 to form the current Tire Industry Association.

Contact: Roy Littlefield

Phone: 301/430-7280

E-mail: info@tireindustry



The Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations is a group of equipment users, manufacturers and suppliers, educators and technicians who work together to improve equipment and related technologies. TMC develops Industry Best Practices or Recommended Practices that are used to help better maintain and specify trucks and truck-related technology.

Members enjoy working relationships with manufacturers, service providers, industry suppliers, federal agencies, state trucking associations and other groups. Associate members represent a broad array of OEM and aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers.

TMC hosts two yearly meetings along with the TMCSuperTech national technician skills competition. Meetings feature a full slate of technical sessions and more than 100 Task Forces where TMC Recommended Practices (RPs) are created and updated.

In addition to its biannual RP Manual, TMC produces a variety of publications, including two newsletters, a quarterly magazine and a technical journal.

Contact: Robert Braswell

Phone: 703/838-1763




The Truck Renting and Leasing Association is a voluntary, non-profit national trade association that provides a unified and focused voice for the truck renting and leasing industry.

TRALA’s membership includes more than 100 suppliers and approximately 500 leasing and rental firms. The renting and leasing industry, with $26 billion in annual revenue, is responsible for approximately 40 percent of all new Class 3 through 8 commercial registrations and maintains nearly one million trucks on the road today.

More than 200 top level executives attend TRALA’s Annual Meeting, which includes a technology fair with exhibits from more than 45 suppliers, manufacturers and others allied to the industry.

Contact: Shannon Davison

Phone: 703/299-9120




The Used Truck Association is the only organization dedicated to supporting those involved in the used-truck industry. It is comprised of used-truck professionals and associated businesses committed to strengthening the used-truck industry.

UTA is dedicated to providing a source of direction in the areas of professionalism and ethics, while promoting the highest standards of service and conduct. It provides a platform to foster the sharing of knowledge and supply resources to support the efforts of those involved in the used-truck industry.

The association provides education and training for the used-truck marketplace and promotes the image of used-truck dealers nationwide and in Canada, as well as the used-truck industry as a whole.

Contact: Rick Clark

Phone: 877/438-7882



Q Is Something Missing?

While we have tried to develop a comprehensive listing of industry associations, organizations and trade shows serving the trucking industry, we may have overlooked someone.

If your group is not listed, please send a brief description of the organization along with a contact name, phone number, email address and internet address to to ensure you get listed in next year’s issue.

Marketing Groups

In addition to the industry’s associations and organizations, aftermarket marketing groups help members leverage collective purchasing advantages, launch uniform marketing campaigns, implement new programs and technologies and access product and repair data.

Hda Untitled 1HDA Truck Pride

HDA Truck Pride is North America’s largest independent provider of parts and service to the commercial vehicle aftermarket. With more than 700 distribution locations and more than 400 service facilities, HDA Truck Pride’s goal is to grow its business through product and program diversification. Its network is focused on value-added services; not just delivering parts, but solving problems and driving technical expertise.

HDA Truck Pride offers training, sales and service support, and marketing programs all focused on growing the business of its members, fleet customers and service experts. The organization focuses on business development and supply chain efficiencies, along with expanding its industry presence to fleets and service facilities.

The Truck Service Experts program provides marketing and business programs for independent repair shops. HDA Truck Pride’s national and regional fleet programs are extensive and growing. The scale and expertise of HDA Truck Pride brings years of product knowledge and end user relationships.

Contact: Tina Alread

Phone: 800/432-2033



Power Untitled 1Power Heavy Duty

Power Heavy Duty was formed in July 1994 and is one of three groups that fall under the Elite Automotive Marketing umbrella.

Power Heavy Duty has approved programs with key heavy-duty manufacturers and offers some centralized billing.

The organization’s goal is to help the independent distributor and service specialist stay competitive in today’s market.

The group’s collective purchasing power can earn its members rebates that help them be more competitive and profitable in their market area.

Power Heavy Duty also offers territory protection and seeks current member input when evaluating new members.

Contact: Brett Upton

Phone: 866/350-8126



ViparVIPAR Heavy Duty

VIPAR Heavy Duty is North America’s leading network of independent aftermarket truck parts distributors. VIPAR Heavy Duty distributors serve the needs of their customers from more than 500 locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

VIPAR Heavy Duty distributors are specialists who understand the demands of their local, regional and national customers for quality parts and exceptional service.

VIPAR Heavy Duty serves the needs of its distributors and vendor partners by providing value-added, channel-specific tools. The group’s supplier programs and business services leverage the network’s purchasing power to develop competitive programs emphasizing brand-name parts.

Its marketing services focuses on building corporate and product brand awareness with a key concentration on national fleet programs, the VIPro TruckForce Service Center program, supplier promotions and brand management, to name a few.

VIPAR Heavy Duty also offers its partners technological support with tools including v-Enterprise, MSDS e-Service, and a parts cross-referencing system.

Contact: Jeff Paul

Phone: 815/788-1700



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